Khichdi Special Back!

A Dish from Telly Buzz kitchen!!Is your mouth watering wondering?? Wanna know what the menu for the Fortnight is..Enter the Kitchen to know more...

Did you all miss the Khichdi for long?? Are you wondering what menu we will serve you this fortnight? Then let's get on with the business with our Bloopers caught on camera, Dus ka Dum and many other new items added in our list. We will play "Sole" searching while enjoying the various dishes too!! After all Telly Buzz knows how to keep its readers and visitors happy!


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Right from the foot-tapping music of the title song till the catchy 'chaap do' phrase, Dus Ka Dum is a complete package. Unlike other reality shows where you have to be intelligent to pass through the rounds, in this new game show, only your guesses of what India thinks can get you to the winning total of 10 crores! Salman definitely gets a 10 on 10 for being a host, making the contestants laugh, dance, sing, and for making them feel right at home. DKD may not be your typical game show, but you can't help but smile at Salman's witty jokes.... Even its sets are bright and jovial, a nice effect to the entire ambiance of the show!
The only thing that can get you a little confused is the reality of the polling done, as the results sometimes turn out the exact opposite of what you expect. But putting that all aside and looking at it in an optimistic light, the show is a package of masti all rolled up into one game show! Definitely a show NOT to miss!!!
Soap Ratings : This Game show gets 4 soaps from us!
*1 Soap Stinky one , 2 Soaps Slippery with no fragrance ,3 Soaps sandal wood with rose petals , 4 Soaps must use/watch *

Shows without Bloopers is like Tea without Sugar! And we at Telly Buzz do not prefer serving tasteless food and tea!! So here is the Blooper caught by us from the show Banoo Main Teri Dulhan. Please Look at Pic 1, extreme left... you can see Sindoora's shadow, ready to enter the scene... but a little too early, as Sindoora wasn't even supposed to be there yet! This is the very next scene they showed, Sindoora is still looking for Rajeev in Pic 2
 Pic (1)                                                                  Pic (2)
Now we believe in giving extra every single another Blooper which got caught on from the show Dill Mill Gayye!! As marriage celebrations were in full swing on the show,  we get to you a scene from the dance and song sequence. Now look here at the Sandals of Ridhima in Pic(1) those are high heel sandals, but suddenly in the middle of the song it got changed into Ballet flats ! Look at Pic (2), now this is what we call...ooops you did it again, so BEWARE next time!
     Pic(1)                                                           Pic(2)
spotted by : Kruthi & Ranijini

Let's see what stars have sported this Fortnight and decide whether it can come under the Style Category or will go down as Fashion faux! To start the proceedings, we have the very much in "love" couple Saif-Kareena, testing their brain cells in Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez  Hain?  They looked gorgeous as ever, we also heard that SRK had to ask the directors to switch off the CCTV's as Kareena was constantly looking at the lens to see how she looks!!  Now lets shift towards right and see what Gaurav and Karisma Tanna are doing testing their dancing skills for the new show based on the age old fight of Boyz Vs Girls! Both are hip and know whats In as far as Fashion goes! Having a feast is Faisal or FRK, at his casual best sans his show clothes! Pink is definitely In this season so thumbs up for FRK too!

We have served you many dishes now! It's time to give your stomach a well deserved break and use your Brains to do the "Sole" searching...So match the stars with their shoes! and don't forget to rate their shoes based on the current trend! Go ahead, as we are the ones who decide What's Hot and What's not! We have Husein, Shweta and SRK with their shoes...Thank God not M.F Husein as he doesnt wear any!
Pankit Thakkar : (on Father's day)My mother expired when I was very young, the word father is very controversial for me as my dad was almost non-existent for me! So it is very difficult to define father hood for me.
Anand Suryavanshi : (On Father's day)I accept, as I am more close to my mom while my sister is closer to my dad. Atleast in my case this holds good. It is the same in my daughter's case too, as Diza is closer to me!
Vivan Bhatena: (On Potholes) I guess we could fill it up with BMC employees, actually what we should do is take all their money from their Bank accounts and fill up the potholes. Anyways they charge us money for no rhyme and reasons!!


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The film will probably be an automatic hit because SRK is in it, but let’s see if it gets it money back.

In response to ShellyB I think that he meant he would like to do films like the actors Chris rock and jackie chan lol. And I think its Chris Tucker who stars in Rush hour not Chris Rock.

16 years ago

he likes to take risk...may Allah protect him ...thnks

16 years ago

legts see how this turns out

all the bst for srk :)

16 years ago

So lyk it'l cost bout £12.5m yah ok sounds interesting good luck SRK :D n what do u mean wen u wrote he wud lyk to do a action-comic film lyk chris rock and jackie chan lols they ain't a film they're da stars, da film was Rush Hour lolssss

16 years ago

doesnt sound like a good idea, risky stuff. dont waste your money

16 years ago

wow.........cant wait till the movie releases..

16 years ago

he is the best thing to happen to indian cinema tv media...whatever he takes part in...or turns old..
a true legend...
bachaan whoooooo???
hmm dont think so
long live king khan loooool

16 years ago

hmmm aunty...
let be get time phir tumhari watt lagata hu...
andy ki behan..

but any how good article.. lekin i felt hussain kuch ziyadah repeat horaha hai ...

15 years ago

Now let's see..
why do they start with Haldi, followed by mehndi, then sangeet and finally pheras..

Aab dekho..jab shuroo mein shaadi hoti hai or let's say pehli dafa shaadi hoti that time, it's first time experience for both groom and bride.

But when they turn 80...sab tradition bhool jatey hai na..
baachon mein, divorce mein, aur business mein...toh woh saab yaad delaney ke liye...yeh saarey traditions hotey hain...hahaha !!

What say Khichdi peeps??

15 years ago

I agree with Ramani...DMG's an ocean of bloopers....They have more bloopers than the actual content of the episode....

15 years ago

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