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Keeping Up With Hina Khan & Priyank Sharma: The Actors Talk About 'Raanjhana', 'Remixes' & 'Recreating A Stylish Look'

In an exclusive conversation with India Forums, Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma spoke about their song Raanjhana, the delay, style quotient, remixes and much more...


Courtesy : Priyank Sharma- Instagram

Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma who have reunited for a music video in an exclusive conversation with India Forums, talked about the delay, their style quotient and more. They  were earlier seen together in Bigg Boss 11 and have now reunited for their music video, Raanjhana which is sung by Arijit Singh. 

Starting up, the news came out long back but it’s taken a while for the song to come out, But now that it’s out, how’s the response?

HK- Well, like we said earlier, there was some emergency at our Producer’s house.This is why, the song couldn't release on time but nonetheless, I think it was worth the wait. Now that people are watching the song, they are admitting that it was worth the wait. 

You guys are very selective when it comes to doing a project. What made you take this one up?

HK-  I am an actor of instincts, I believe in instincts. We all want to grow in life, we all want to have many houses, many cars, do a lot of stuff for your parents but sometimes as an actor, when you love a project or a character you just don’t think about anything else. It was one of those projects.

What were your inputs to keep the style quotient up?

PS- My look, it was mostly like people have not seen me more with stubble so I came out with the stubble look, earrings and all that what makes a look so 90s.

HK- I think the part that we shot now, the to be continued one, we gave our input/s because that was today’s time. But otherwise, I think the stylist and the designers have done a fab job. So you have to give it to them, I don’t want to take any credit. 

As too many remixes are being made, one song you want a remix to be made of and be a part of it?

PS- I wish I can be a part of a recreation of Dhoom Again because I am a dancer and I know that I can really pull that off.

HK- I never thought about this.


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