Keanu Reeves rumored to date Angelina Jolie!

Source: They found they have a lot in common, and the attraction was definitely there


‘Respectful King’ and Hollywood sensation Keanu Reeves has made a mark on everyone's life with his memes and his personality. The posts about his simplicity and how the actor respects his fans have been taking over the internet for quite some time now. Meanwhile, the actor has been riding high horses for the latest installment in the John Wick franchise.

However, while we were are witnessing the obsession with Reeves, he is also known as the 'Internet Boyfriend' rumors have been flooding in about his link up with actress Angelina Jolie.

The actress broke up with Brad Pitt nearly three years ago and she moved to Los Feliz neighborhood in LA. What’s interesting is; one of her neighbors is Keanu’s mom, Patricia. Apparently, this is all it takes to spark the rumor that something is going on between Jolie and Reeves, but could there really be any truth to the story?

When Jolie and Patricia became neighbors, Jolie allegedly saw this as her chance to get close to Reeves.

“Keanu’s really close to his mom and visits her all the time,” a source told Star. “That’s how he came to meet Ange (Angelina). They found they have a lot in common, and the attraction was definitely there.”

The source also claimed that Keanu has met Angelina's six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox – and gets along well with them. And, Keanu's mother is apparently contemplating the idea of a relationship between her son and the actress because she wants her 54-year-old son to settle down.

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anjs 4 months ago Please, Patricia, get Sandra and Keanu together. They are soulmates
Shaina_b 4 months ago No ways!!!! Keanu is too good!!!! And Angelina's relationships end in disaster!!!
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