Katrina Kaif reveals the best reaction she got for 'Merry Christmas'

Katrina Kaif shared the best reaction she received for her latest release 'Merry Christmas.'

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Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, the adored couple of Bollywood, continue to win hearts with their endearing relationship. Since tying the knot, they've become the epitome of couple goals, effortlessly displaying their love on social media. From heartfelt moments with each other and their families to providing unwavering support, these lovebirds never cease to amaze.

The talented actress is currently riding high on the success of her recent film, Merry Christmas. During a recent Instagram fan interaction session, Katrina shared some delightful insights. 

Engaging in an 'Ask Me Anything' spree, she graciously answered questions about her movie and her connection with Vicky Kaushal and his family.

The highlight came when a fan inquired about the best reaction she received for Merry Christmas. Katrina responded by posting a heartwarming picture of Vicky Kaushal embracing her at the film's premiere, captioning it "Jhappi from Hubby" with a heart emoji.

In the same interactive session, Katrina was asked about being a Punjabi daughter-in-law. With an image of the classic Punjabi delicacy, Makke ki roti and sarso ka saag, she shared, "Dher saara pyaar & ghar ka bana hua sarso da saag aur makki ki roti with white makkhan."

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Merry Christmas, which hit theaters on January 12, has garnered positive attention at the box office, opening with Rs 2 crore on Friday and reaching Rs 10.75 crore in its first 5 days. The film's success owes much to its popularity among multiplex audiences, marking another triumph for Katrina Kaif in the realm of Indian cinema.

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