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Kathaa Ankahee: Viaan tries to find multiple opportunities to speak to Kathaa!

Kathaa, and Viaan will reach Dubai for the project meeting.

Published: Monday,Jan 09, 2023 08:11 AM GMT-07:00
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Sony Entertainment Television's newest offering, Kathaa Ankahee, is the Hindi adaptation of the popular Turkish drama, 1001 Nights (Binbir Gece). The show's plot revolves around an irreversible mistake that creates a rift between Kathaa (Aditi Dev Sharma) and Viaan (Adnan Khan) but yet keeps them bound, demonstrating how love can emerge from the darkest moments. Viewers have seen how Kathaa learned that she has to go to Dubai for three days for the project, and she gets worried about Aarav’s health, on the other hand, how Viaan outbursts at his mother for comparing him to his father.

In tonight's episode, i.e., 9th January, Kathaa, and Viaan will reach Dubai for the project meeting. Viaan is hellbent on knowing Kathaa closely and will try to strike up a conversation with her. While Kathaa is mesmerized by the tall skyscrapers of Dubai, Viaan will quietly observes her. Viaan will desperately want to meet and talk to her in the hotel but he does not know where to start or how to approach her as she does not want to talk to him. He will type an unsent message and wonder how to go about it. 

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Will Viaan be able to convince Kathaa to speak to him? How will Katha get pass these 3days in Dubai with Viaan?

To find out, don’t miss watching out Kathaa Ankahee today at 8:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

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