Katha Ankahee: Viaan decides to move far away from Katha, Manish proposes marriage to Katha

In the episode of Sony TV's show Katha Ankahee, Viaan will be seen making a tough decision.

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Adnan Khan, Manish Raisinghan and Aditi Sharma

Katha Anakhee, the Hindi rendition of the Turkish drama '1001 Nights' (Binbir Gece), continues to enthrall viewers with its mesmerizing narrative, weaving a tale of redemptive love that intricately explores the complexities of relationships. The series unfolds the repercussions of an irreversible mistake, forging both distance and an unbreakable bond between the protagonists, Katha (portrayed by Aditi Dev Sharma) and Viaan (portrayed by Adnan Khan).

In the current storyline, Viaan earnestly endeavors to convince Katha to reconsider their relationship. Despite his efforts, Katha, now committed to Raghav, resolutely asserts that she has moved on and no longer harbors romantic feelings for Viaan.

In the latest episode, Raghav's parents confront Teji for concealing the truth about Katha and Viaan from them. Meanwhile, Viaan takes a bold step, revealing to everyone that Katha still loves him and urging her to speak up. In a poignant moment, Katha, however, advises Viaan to remain apart and ensure the happiness of everyone associated with them. While expressing her love for him, she implores him to sacrifice once again, considering Aarav. However, this proves to be a figment of Katha's imagination. In reality, she requests Viaan to cease fighting for her, leaving him emotionally shattered.

In the forthcoming episode, viewers will witness Viaan deciding to distance himself from Katha permanently, determined to move so far away that even she cannot meet him. On the other hand, Raghav proposes marriage to Katha, surprising her with the unexpected turn of events.

What twists lie ahead in Katha and Viaan's evolving saga?"

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What the heck...Manish proposes to Katha...LOL...please.....it's Raghav and do not mix real names with reel names and try to play cupid...LOLzzz

3 months ago

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