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Katha Ankahee: Katha to call off her marriage with Viaan, Viaan to end up in a hospital

The upcoming episodes of Sony TV's show Katha Ankahee are all set to bring in major twists and turns for its viewers.

Published: Monday,Sep 25, 2023 11:11 AM GMT-06:00
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Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan

Sony TV's adored series "Katha Ankahee" has truly captured the hearts of its viewers. This Turkish show stars Adnan Khan and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles, bringing a unique essence to the storyline. The narrative revolves around the much-anticipated wedding celebrations of Katha and Viaan, promising excitement. However, this journey towards matrimony is far from smooth sailing.

The latest turn of events introduces Maya, Viaan's maternal aunt, adding a tantalizing layer of drama that elevates the show's plot. While Maya Didi displays her supportive facade in front of Katha and Viaan, a more sinister agenda is unfolding behind their backs. Collaborating with Teji, Maya is secretly plotting to drive a wedge between the couple. 

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India Forums has received an exclusive update regarding an upcoming plot twist in the show. According to sources close to the production, when Reet informs her husband about Viaan's actions – giving Katha 1 crore rupees and pressuring her into marriage through blackmail – he becomes furious. In response, he approaches Viaan to confront him and ends up physically assaulting him. This violent altercation leaves Viaan seriously injured, necessitating his hospitalization.

With Katha's secret now exposed, she takes the decisive step of calling off the marriage. This turn of events raises questions: Will Katha reconsider her decision? And will Teji and Maya's scheme ultimately achieve its intended outcome?

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