Kashmera's puppy love

The shoot for Zee's Diwali Hungama was on when there was a surprise visitor, in Kashmera's Shah's dog, Boo who turned out to be a real menace...


Kashmera Shah seems to be getting too big for her boots. The actress is part of Zee TV's Diwali special episode - Diwali Hungama. When she reported for the shooting of the same, Kash walked in with her dog, 'Boo'. Despite being aware that dogs are not allowed on the sets, she still insisted that the canine be allowed inside.

The dog proved to be quite a menace as he kept barking at every firecracker bursting, making it virtually impossible for the unit to shoot. But the drama does not stop just at this. Kash was insistent about having her dog as part of the act and clothes and accessories were provided by the unit. She even demanded extra payment for her dog's incredible performance.

Considering that Kashmera isn't receiving any other offers, this seems like an ideal way for her to make money. But whether Boo's act will be edited from the show or not, remains to be seen.

Author: Melanie

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she's so weird, she knows animals are scared of fire crackers and the sorts and yet she still demanded that her dog should be there?!!!!

15 years ago

lol.... wow, the things some celebrities can demand...


15 years ago

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