Karan Patel Set to Conquer Hearts as a Host..

Karan Patel aka Robbie of Kasturi is set to capture the audience with his new show, Kaho Na Yaar Hai...He speaks more about it to the Telly Buzz team...

Karan Patel, better known as the Rockstar Robbie of Kasturi conquered the hearts of the Indian audience as the dancer in Nach Baliye recently, and is now all set to enthrall his fans as a host on Star Plus's latest show Kaho Na Yaar hai starting 18th January.

Here is the star turned anchor in conversation with our reporter Ranjini Nair..

With Kaho Na Yaar Hai, you have worked in all three genres- as an actor, a dancer and a host. Tell us something about this transformation of yours?

It’s not a transformation as such. I am comfortable playing any role. As an I actor, I think I can play any role pretty well. It’s not a very difficult task for me now.

Out of the 3, which do you prefer the most?

It would be Hosting. I love to talk and am a very friendly person and I believe I can make people around me feel very comfortable.

By nature you are a very playful person. So does anchoring the game show come spontaneously to you?

It is true that I am playful by nature and love having fun, and I believe that is what helps me a lot in hosting the game show. I am myself on the show.

Can you tell us about the concept of the game show?

It is a fun loving show and is based on friendship. We will have two celebrity guests coming along with their friends in every episode. Thereafter there will be games played between the celebs to test their compatibility as friends.

So is friendship important to you?

Definitely. Friendship is a part of life. They say partners are made in heaven but according to me friends are also made in heaven. It is very difficult to find good friends in today’s world. We should treasure our friends as they are a priceless gift to us.

Do you share good rapport with all the celebrity guests on your show?

I do. All the screen actors are actually very sweet and friendly people. The audience has a wrong notion that they have an attitude but they are actually down to earth and we enjoy a lot together.

So what kind games will you be playing on the show?

There will quite a few games played. I cannot tell about any one game in particular because each game will be different in every episode. All I can say is it will be a great and interesting show that everyone should watch.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Ranjini Nair, Melanie

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i cant wiat for this show...but i dun get one thing...will ther be a pair of friend competeing against another pair of frendz or jus the 2 frendz against each other..

16 years ago

love u karan
agree with what u said about friendss!

16 years ago

hope i see iqbal and neha there lol even though they are not good friends

16 years ago

sounds great.


-Lara =]

16 years ago

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16 years ago

hii i like you loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxx

16 years ago

sounds great
would look forward to it

16 years ago

I'm For Tomorow For Karan Show ,,, Best Of Luck Karano My Love And Iwish You Became As Shinng Star ...

Bye ,,, Your Love *Aisha*

16 years ago

Oh my God....All the best Karnoo :)

16 years ago

Gr8 article!
Lookin forward to the show..wud love to watch it..
Best of luck,Karan!

16 years ago

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