Karan Kundrra and Mouni Roy are in all 'awe' of Nishank Swami's love for Chetna Pande

Mouni and Karan Kundrra admired Nishank’s love for Chetna

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Mouni Roy and Nishank Swami

Temptation Island India is making waves as the dynamics shift within the villa. With the highly anticipated final 'Pyaar ki Pariksha' approaching, viewers are eagerly awaiting to witness which relationships will stand the ultimate test. On the boys' villa's farewell day in the show, hosts Karan and Mouni, the Queen of Hearts, organized a Bollywood Night, marking the delightful journey's closure. As the boys had to choose a connection to stay with, Nishank Swami opted to stay alone, not selecting any tempters, citing that he has only Chetna Pande in his mind and heart. Mouni, who has been following Nishank's journey since day one, took a moment to appreciate the genuine love and respect he showed towards his real partner.

Mouni admired Nishank’s love for Chetna saying, ”Seriousness ki misaal bhale hi paal rakhi hai aapne, bohot kuch sikhaya aapne. Ek chiz to aapne ye sikha diya hai aur for sure prove kar diya hai ki Chetna se badh kar inke liye aur koi nahi hai. Sitting here on the last final day I can boast about this 100 percent.”

Karan also appreciated his journey and said, “Pehle hafte ka Nishank aur uske baad ka Nishank mei drastic change hai. Jaisi bhi hai ek journey hai. Aapne jaisa kaha tha, aapne apna match khela! Aap gussa hue, hurt huye lekin bohot kuch sikhaya hai sab ko. Ajeeb hi sahi, par dastaan to likhi hai aapne.”

Nishank confessed of missing Chetna and looking forward to only good things in future after the show, “Initially it was all fun and games, but my mind and everything after some time was with Chetna. I could not stop thinking of her and maybe that's why I was like this. I love her a lot and I miss her. Is journey se ye sikha huun ki 1 second bhi duur nahi reh paunga Chetna se. A lot of memories to take away from here.”

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