'Kanjali' bowled over by their fans...

Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol, who are nicknamed 'Kanjali' by their fans had surprise visitors who came to meet them on the sets of Nach Baliye...

Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol, nicknamed as 'Kanjali' by their fans were overfilled with joy and happiness this week, when their fans came on sets of Nach Baliye to wish them, and to also present them with gifts.

Anjali was speechless when we asked her about her experience of meeting her fans on the sets of Nach Baliye. "I was really very happy to know that people love us so much. I was feeling on top of the world when they came on the sets and gave us gifts", quips the cute girl.

Ask her about their nickname and she says, "I really do not know how we got this name; we were informed by the Nach team about it". The actress had a word of appreciation for her fans as she says, "I was so thrilled to know that the families who came to meet us were from Jammu, the place I belong to. It was so nice of them to have come just to meet us".

Kapil too could not hide his happiness as he said, "We are so liked by people, and I think it is their love that has made them unite our names, thus coming up with the name of 'Kanjali'. We feel honored that they came all the way just to see our performance here".

We hope that the love and support from fans give both of them the strength to perform better, and deliver their best in each and every performance.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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Anjali Abrol

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Kapil Nirmal

Comments (22)

So sweet:)..Love KanJali so much..Wish them ALL THE BEST

15 years ago

thats so sweet & cute.....wish these two the best!!!1

15 years ago

That is so sweet and awesome... they''re so down to earth and I wish them all the best! Hope they win NB and have continued success!!!


15 years ago

Amazing! love these guys!

Both of them are such down to earth people!
Anjali you are looking amazing, and Kapil as usual hot lag rahe ho!

Wish you all the best for RKAB, NB4 and anything you do in the future!

15 years ago

aww thats soo sweeet!!=) God bless u both!

15 years ago

Aww Bless Them
Thye are Such Kute Couple!

15 years ago

Awwwwwww That''s really cute! Bless them!! x

15 years ago

Thanks SBS..Can U inform KAnJali that visit IF..

15 years ago

Awwww i jsut love then Kapil is soooooooo cute and anjali is aswell. I never knew Kapil was a quiet person Kanjali 4eva

15 years ago

awww how cute
i really like anjali she is very cute....
though m not a kanjali fan but still de look very gud wid each other.............

15 years ago

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