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Kangana plans on being Single for Life? Says "Marriage seems like a trap"!

Kangana Ranaut recently talked about her wedding plans and seems like she is not ready for any commitments. She strongly believes if you are functioning better on your own, than with a partner, then, marriage doesn't make sense...


Kangana Ranaut has dedicated herself in honing her skills and undoubtedly the actress can easily well verse with her craft. She has been working hard towards and while she is hardly comprehensive about her personal life, Kangana has somehow dedicated herself to grab the best out of her excellence. 

Kangana has been preparing for her upcoming film Panga directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari. Currently, she is on a promotional spree and during an interview with Bombay Times, the actress talked about reservations about marriage she has among others. 

When quizzed about Ashwiny and husband Nitesh Tiwari's relationship and what are her reservations regarding the same.

When you have so much going for yourself, you tend to get thoughts like... 'The world needs me, why should I belong to one person (laughs!)?' Also, with time, you can become compulsively independent in the way you live your life and operate, and the way you create your personal space. Then, marriage seems like a trap. When you are functioning better on your own, than with a partner, then, marriage doesn't make sense, right? As partners, you should function doubly better. I see that Rangoli (sister) and her husband function well with each other.

- Kangana Ranaut

The actress has had several relationships in the past, however, none of them have worked out for her. She further talked about the importance of a partner who is emotionally, financially and spiritually strong.

Adding to it, she further continued that if people are doing doubly well together in these aspects, then she is open to marriage. She also added that if it does not double up, then it should not bring her down from where I am. 

Kangana repeatedly acknowledged Ashwiny and Nitesh function beautifully together and how they are enhancing each other. She feels this (like Ashwiny and Nitesh) is how it should work.

Kangana has been working tirelessly and apart from that she has always voiced her opinions and has been quite open about various things, be it her relationships or her professional life.

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