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Kabir to face opposition from his family in Jyoti..

Imagine's Jyoti will see the introduction of Kabir's family who will oppose to the wedding of Kabir and Jyoti...

Published: Thursday,Jul 01, 2010 18:59 PM GMT-06:00
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Imagine's Jyoti, produced by Sphere Origin will see some high voltage drama in the coming episodes with the introduction of Kabir's (Aamir Dalvi) family.

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In the recent episodes, Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) has conveyed to Kabir that she will marry him only after his family accepts her. This puts Kabir in a dilemma as he very well knows the MCP attitude of his family members who will never allow him to marry a divorcee coming from a middle class family. However, Kabir will now go to his family in Jodhpur with a goal in hand, to convince them.

Yesterday's episode saw the entry of Kabir's bhabhi Asha, played by Pallavi Subhash Chandran. We also saw the entry of Vimarsh Roshan of Bidaai fame who plays the role of Sumer Pratap Singh Thisodia, the eldest brother of Kabir and husband of Asha.

Tonight's episode will introduce the other members in Kabir's family.
Ritu Raj Singh will be seen essaying Kabir's father, Raghavendra Pratap Singh Thisodia. He lives a life of riches and is the Mayor of the city of Jodhpur. Harsh Vasishta who plays the evil brother in Zee TV's Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli will be seen playing the middle brother, Raghuveer Pratap Singh Thisodia. His wife's role is played by Meenakshi Arya, her screen name being Bhavri.

Our khabroo tells us that, "The men of the house, especially the father basically treats women as dust, and never gives them any prominence in the house. The women of the house sweat and shiver to even come before the men of the house. They have this typical attitude of hating the lower caste and the not-so-rich people. And now, when Kabir tells them that he wants to get married to a girl from the middle class family, and that too a divorcee, there will be a havoc in the house with opposition coming from everyone".

It will be interesting to watch how Kabir goes about convincing them to accept Jyoti.

When contacted, Aamir Dalvi tells us, "Yes, Kabir has a task in hand. He will face a lot of opposition from his family, but guess he has to convince them somehow".

Vimarsh Roshan who essayed the role of Naveen in Bidaai, says, "I am a typical MCP; the eldest brother to Kabir. He belongs to the Rajwada family and has a lot of attitude. He has a grey shade in his character and will be the first person going against Kabir".

Harsh Vasishta elaborating on his character states, "I play the middle brother of Kabir. Having been brought up by the tyrants of the house, I grow up to be a silent yet intelligent guy. There is a positive bend in my character, and I am the problem solver for many in the family".

We tried contacting Ritu Raj but he remained unavailable.

The father's entry sequence will be aired in tonight's episode..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Desdemona 12 years ago Why is kabir's babhi , bending, shivering and shaking of like a malaria patient? It is irritating to see her like that and also we are not able to hear what she is saying due to sobbing voice.
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mylovenupur 12 years ago carry on jaani.... meri taraf se bhi ek....
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mimz7 12 years ago wats MCP??? wondering and trying to figure out the acronym..... help please!!!
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Shaina_b 12 years ago Kabir was happily living alone but they will now make him live with his family to create saas-bahu drama!!!!

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Sparkle090 12 years ago This is stupid. In the Vashist family only Bhairvi was evil while the rest of the family were very good (despite their lack of faith in Jyoti). These people are truly terrible.
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roshnii 12 years ago and this time her would be husband is much more richer than her ex husband.
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tulipbaby53 12 years ago This is so stupid! Jyoti can never find happiness it seems.
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*mittu* 12 years ago so jyoti's new in laws are more uptight than her old ones. How all the bad things happen to one person
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anna44 12 years ago I am not liking this track...

Poor Jyoti, she deserves some happiness...
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