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Kabir and Nisha to get married in Nisha Aur Uske Cousins!

An interesting track is coming up in Star Plus' Nisha Aur Uske Cousins!

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Bodhi Tree Productions' popular show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins on Star Plus, is leaving no stone unturned to attract the eyeballs of the masses with its storyline and the performance of the star cast. While Mishkat's entry has brought the much needed drama to the show, viewers are liking the chemistry between Nisha and Kabir.

The current track is revolving around Kabir (Mishkat Varma) and Nisha (Aneri Vajani) whose relationship like Tom and Jerry. Despite being quite different from each other, they are trying to save Chandu from the goons. But their kindness will put them in trouble.

Our source says, "Nisha and Kabir will succeed in saving Chandu but will be in trouble as the goons will try to chase them. Thus to get rid of those goons, Kabir and Nisha will enter a hall where a wedding will be taking place. As they both have disguised themselves in a Rajasthani look, people will assume that they are there to get married. Thus to protect themselves, they will get married to each other with all the rituals. However, both will deny for their alliance and will go back to Jaipur. Somehow their families will come to know about their marriage and convince them to live like husband and wife."

Is this the beginning of Nisha and Kabir's love story?

To know more keep reading the space.

Neha Jain


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radicalradhika 6 years ago All of you guys are saying the Kabir and Nisha is a stupid jodi..but you know what its you guys who really don't have the brain they look so cute together and we all know that viraj looks a hell to old for Nisha. Kabir looks so hot and at the same time looks much more age appropriate. Plus Viraj and Kabir are going to turn out to be brother and Kaira is going to get married to Viraj and Kabir to Nisha it is the best thing because Nisha is close to her beloved one and those people who are nishraj fans..EWWW he is old for her lets leave him for Kaira for gods sake and Kabir and Nisha all the way they give me the feels gosh they give me pleasure and so please keep your mouth shut with your whining and complaining and if you don't want to watch it then don't don't complain on here with your snobby mouths cause I like the way it is and so deal with your problems cause it ain't ours
KABIR AND NISHA: I love your couple!!!!!!!!!
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moosewithgoose 6 years ago im loving this jodi. pls continue to develop their story instead of turning it into another cliched show with multiple marriages and I hate the idea of same girl married to both brothers. I hope this show will not go there. fingers crossed.
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Riz.83 6 years ago Yes nisha n kabir so nice to get her ,perfect match,...
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Sana_Jannat 6 years ago no doubt about Mishkat's talent usual superb ..
bt honestly mishkat deserves much better show...
and about NAUC & kabir- nisha wedding..just HATE multiple wedding based show ..& always avoid those shows ..
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-Rossete- 6 years ago This track is sure to ruin the very essence of the show...there is no Nauc without NIRAJ the heart&soul of the show.
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soni595 6 years ago If that happens, this show is most definitely not the one I've been watching for the past couple of months. The whole plot of fake marriage and being forced to abide by it has been done to death and honestly is ridiculous. i am also disappointed as a Viraj and Nisha fan because the journey for the past five months has been focused on Viraj and Nisha and this seems way too sudden and melodramatic for Nauc and especially for Nisha who had free will in deciding not to marry Ritesh under pressure but somehow will forcefully abide this one.
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MsfairyCindreLa 6 years ago Kuch bhi huh . ROFL
To gain trps
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sun2011 6 years ago You rock Mishkat Varma - with Aneri Vajani)
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Arshian14 6 years ago Best news ever. Nisha and Kabir are so cute together. Viraj and Nisha never really had good chemistry but Nisha and Kabir set the screen on fire.
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