Jjhooming Away to Glory...

Sahara One's Jjhoom India is at its final league with just 4 Jodis remaining. Track the journey of Top 4 Jodis in the musical reality show..

Jjhoom India, the musical reality show on Sahara One is in its final phase now. The Top 4 Jodis – Varun Badola and Akriti Kakkar, Sachin Tyagi and Madhushree, Roshni Chopra and Vinod Rathod, Shekar Suman and Sanjeevni are on course to cross swords and take home the coveted title.

Telly Buzz team caught up with the stars, who have risen to fame, not as an actor this time, but with their growing prowess as singers..

‘Reality Shows Make you or Break you’, is the general feeling that the viewers have. But what do the Jjhoom stars have to say?

“A Reality show makes you understand a lot in a very short span of time. It does not matter whether you become a good artist or not, but you surely get more intelligent”, quips Sachin Tyagi. Adding on is Roshni Chopra, who says, “A reality show can either make you a very bitter person or help you evolve into a better person, and in my case, I feel it's the latter.”

Varun Badola, the man with a passion for singing, felt troubled as he had left his musical chords untouched for the past 11 years. “It was really painful at the start that I had given up on my singing for the past 11 years. But Akriti has done wonders on me, and it is our combined dedication that has brought us so far in the competition”, says Varun. Emulate your idols and get better, is what Sachin believes in. According to him, “Madhushree has a beautiful voice, maybe the best after Ashaji, Lataji and Anuradha Paudwal. ‘Kharbuje ko Dekh Kar Kharbuja Rang Badalta Hai’, and this is exactly what I am doing.”

With a new zeal of confidence in her, Roshni feels that music has been the best discovery of her life. “Infact, I'll always be grateful to this show for awakening me to a talent I never knew existed in me”, says the petite actress turned singer. She falls short of words while commenting on the support she received last week, when she failed to complete her song due to bad throat. Says Roshni, "My last performance will remain etched in my mind foreve,r as I was in excruciating pain, but the love and care I received from all the participants and the judge's is immeasurable."

With Shekar Suman and Sanjeevni giving a ‘Khaante ka Thakkar’ to the other three Jodis, it will be interesting to see the way in which the battle in Jjhoom India will progress in the New Year!!

Author: Barnali

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Roshni Chopra

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Vinod Rathod

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Varun Badola

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Sachin Tyagi

Comments (6)

Chhavi was the one who should have been here along with Sachin and Varun... I think she was very good and Jatin was training her well as well!

Shekhar - wonder, how he even returned after getting eliminated.. Roshni is also strictly OK

16 years ago

Agree with Anu. Sachin and Varun are the best left now. But Sachin I feel is a wrong choice. He is already a singer. He has done loads of live shows.

Deserving one here is Varun and none else.

16 years ago

chhavi was better
but now i would say varun is good too

16 years ago

Varun is the only one who has improved a lot!! He is the deserving candidate for winning this show!!

16 years ago

I liked Chhavi more than Shekhar...!
Anywayz...best of luck to evryone especially Roshni and Varun!

16 years ago

wow wish them all the best..espi Roshni! ;)

16 years ago

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