Jjhoom India, with Sachin Tyagi & Madhushree!

What makes Sachin & Madhushree click with each other, judges..and audiences' too? Read on to find out..

The Al Pacino of Indian Television, Sachin Tyagi teams up with the ‘Kabhi Neem Neem’ girl Madhushree, in Sahara One’s Jjhoom India to set the audience rocking with their music. Not a novice in singing, Sachin Tyagi and his partner Madhushree have a big chance of striking Gold in Jjhoom.

Here we are in conversation with the new singing sensations of the Reality show..

Sachin Tyagi :

What made you enter this reality show?

Singing is my first love and that’s why I am here…

How do you rate yourself as a singer?

How can I rate my self? I wish I could give my self a 10/10, but we all know that’s not true. But yea, I don’t think I can give my self any points, it’s for the audience to decide.

How are you coping up with the pressure of singing and performing?

There is no pressure at all. If there was any pressure I wouldn’t be here. Singing has been my first love, and because of my back ground in acting, I don’t think performing gets difficult. It’s been real fun for me, the reason being, I am away from all the fakeness that goes around in shoots, and here, I can just be my self. Which actor wouldn’t want that? We are here to have fun and I guess that’s it.

How is the overall experience?

It’s a mixed a bag actually. There are a few elements that we did not expect that are good and bad. But so far it’s been great, and I am enjoying every moment of it.

How is your rapport building with your partner, Madhushree?

Fortunately, when I met her, I got good vibes from her, and I guess vice-a-versa. There is a certain level of respect from both the sides. She’s been really nice to me, and she respects the level I am in, when it comes to singing, and she always has good things to say about me. We don’t have any complaints from one another.

What do you think of this elimination format? With a good singer like Aparaji gone, what is your take on it?

Apara was an excellent performer, but I don’t believe that she is a good singer. I am sad that she was voted out, though I wasn’t shocked. I mean, if I felt that she wasn’t a good singer, I would have saved her. I repeat, she is a great performer, and I was in a way sad that she left.


What made you enter this reality show?

I have always loved teaching. My parents were teachers, and my first job was as a teacher, so when the channel approached me with the offer, I immediately agreed. As teaching is in my blood, and to teach a non singer seemed to be very exciting. There are so many shows where people sing well, and they are all professionals, but this show truly grooms people who are not into singing, and that’s what I really like about it.

How is the overall experience?

It’s been a one of a kind experience. We have so much of fun rehearsing and shooting. It’s been a complete joy ride. We have all become a family here, and at times, it doesn’t feel like a competition. The actors and the actresses are so down to earth and they mingle around so well with each other. It’s a healthy atmosphere here. Sharad, Varun, Sachin are hilarious, Roshini has been very sweet, and everyone is ready to help the other out. I have a blast with Sudeshji. At the end of the day, the masti and dhamaal is simply out of this world!

How is your rapport building with your partner, Sachin?

Sachin is a great partner. We have a lot of fun learning. Actually even though he is not a professional, he has had some prior training, and that’s what I truly like about him. Apart from Sachin, all the actors on our show are inexperienced in music. But they have a lot of passion for music.

How do you rate Sachin as a singer?

Since Sachin is not a professional singer, it wouldn’t be fair to rate him. But I would certainly give him 10/10 for his efforts.

What do you think of this elimination format? With a good singer like Aparaji gone, what is your take on it?

I find it very strange. I don’t know, the voting system just doesn’t feel right. We have the best judges, so why do we have a format like such? I would just say that the audience needs to be the best judge and vote for the best…

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Sachin Tyagi

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dont like these outfits. thanku for the pics

16 years ago

Madhushree is so pretty and I think is such a cute package with Sachin. They look made for each other. Also, I love her voice!!!!! Wonderful. I vote for them ebcause they are the best!!

16 years ago

Sachin is so cute - oops i missed a heart beat.

16 years ago

Good Topic I like to read something like this one>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

16 years ago

i cant wait for this show to air in the US!!!

16 years ago

I can't wait for this show to air in the UK. I can't believe - Sachin can sing as well


16 years ago

they are the best in the show,all the best to sachin & madhushree !!!

16 years ago

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