Jigna Vora is hooked to Temptation Island India

Jigna revealed her current addiction to Temptation Island India.

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Jigna Vora

Jigna Vora, a recently evicted contestant from the Bigg Boss 17 house, is now grabbing headlines for her candid remarks about the contestants and their game plans. When asked about what she is eager to watch after departing the Bigg Boss house, Jigna revealed her current addiction to Temptation Island India. Earlier, former Bigg Boss contestant Rajiv Adatia also expressed his enthusiasm for the show, tweeting, "Temptation Island is juicy!!! I'm actually loving it!!"

While discussing her choice of Bigg Boss 17 contestants for the show, Jigna shared, "I would love to send Abhishek and KhanZadi to test their relationship on Temptation Island. They have a very on-and-off relationship, and it will be interesting to see what they do on the show! In terms of physical temptation, I think Abhishek is the best, but when we delve into emotional temptation, it has to be Munawar. KhanZadi is good-looking and very stylish, it makes her quite tempting. I believe her softer side can only be revealed on Temptation Island."

She further added, "Personally, Kiccha Sudeep is someone I would love to be with on the show if I get the chance. In my opinion, shows like Temptation Island might pull me away from my partner, as I have been single for a long time, and I won't be able to take that relationship to the next level where I actually test it. I don't give in to temptations in real life; for me, you need to catch the perfect wavelength and vibe."

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