Jhanak: Urvashi passes away, Jhanak breaks down

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Jhanak's mother Urvashi will pass away.

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Hiba Nawab as Jhanak

The episode of Jhanak commences with Tejas engaging in a heated argument with Urvashi. Urvashi, addressing Bharat, inquires if he would consent to giving Arya's hand to Tejas. This sparks Bharat's anger, leading to a loud outburst. Tejas, unable to tolerate the situation, declares her intention to leave. Despite the well-arranged surroundings by Brij and Shrishti, Tejas decides to marry Jhanak instead. Urvashi pleads on behalf of her daughter, but Bharat sternly tells her to be silent. Undeterred, Tejas confidently asserts that she will return in seven days to marry Jhanak, and no one can prevent it.

As everyone enjoys the dance festivities, Jhanak, haunted by Arshi's words, refrains from participating. Radha questions Tejas about his announcement, and Urvashi, distressed, reveals Tejas's unwelcome interest in Jhanak. Anirudh tries to lift Jhanak's spirits, but Arshi intervenes, diverting his attention. She receives a call, informing her of a return to Kolkata the next day. Anirudh, disappointed about spending a day alone, is told by Arshi that it's just a one-day matter.

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Urvashi confronts Brij, urging him to take responsibility for Jhanak. However, Brij dismisses her, stating that he can only provide financial assistance. Urvashi warns him, threatening to expose his true identity if he doesn't support Jhanak. The confrontation escalates as the entire family scolds and insults Urvashi. Jhanak, embarrassed by the situation, urges Urvashi to leave. When questioned about her connection with Guru ji, Urvashi admits seeking his help for Jhanak.

Bharat and Shrishti question Urvashi's intentions, but Jhanak intervenes, asserting her desire to rely on her own efforts. Anirudh offers assistance, and Shrishti reveals Urvashi's ignorance about Jhanak's father. The situation becomes tense, leading to Urvashi and Jhanak leaving the house. As they depart, Urvashi warns the family about the consequences of their actions and vows that life will settle all scores one day.


Urvashi tragically passes away, and Jhanak becomes the target of Tejas's kidnapping.

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They end Urvashi's character very soon.

2 months ago

In real life do entire families dress up in whites ? I am yet to see such . It’s just on tv shows they show this .

2 months ago

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