Jhanak: Anirudh suggests Jhanak to pursue a career in dance, Jhanak refuses

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh will be seen suggesting Jhanak to pursue a career in dance. However, Jhanak refuses to do so.

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The episode begins with Arshi intercepting Jhanak, leading her away from the scene. Anirudh observes and approaches them. Arshi proceeds to insult Jhanak, prompting Anirudh to intervene and restrain Arshi. Despite Arshi's cutting remarks, she justifies her words, citing public perception. Urvashi arrives to present shagun to Anirudh, but Shrishti intervenes, attempting to relegate Urvashi to a subordinate role. Jhanak, witnessing the humiliation, steps in, and Vinayak defends Urvashi. Anirudh acknowledges Urvashi's gesture, and Jhanak expresses gratitude, acknowledging Anirudh's respect for her mother. However, overwhelmed by the incident, Jhanak decides to leave, taking Urvashi with her.

In a moment of reflection, Jhanak recalls the mistreatment and vents her anger by throwing a stone. Anirudh appears and engages in a lighthearted conversation, attempting to ease her frustration. Jhanak apologizes for her outburst, and they share a friendly exchange. Anirudh suggests that Jhanak pursue a career in dance to break free from the constraints of their current circumstances. Jhanak, hesitant about her perceived social status, refuses, believing that only wealthy individuals can afford such luxuries. Anirudh encourages her to reconsider, assuring her that he values her input and may need her assistance in the future.

As they part ways, Arshi interrupts, drawing Anirudh's attention. In a candid moment, Arshi appreciates Anirudh's compassion and encourages him to enjoy their limited time together. Bharat welcomes Tejas and introduces him to Urvashi. Jhanak, now ready, encounters Tejas, who stares at her, igniting her displeasure.

Meanwhile, Urvashi converses with Radha, expressing her wish for Jhanak's happiness. However, Radha harbors concerns about Tejas potentially causing harm to Jhanak. Bharat informs Urvashi about Tejas' desire to meet her. Tejas, meeting Urvashi, openly expresses his interest in marrying Jhanak. Despite Urvashi's refusal and Bharat's persuasion, Tejas remains steadfast in his decision, claiming that he has already resolved to marry Jhanak.


Anirudh urges Jhanak to smile, while Urvashi seeks help from Brij. Tragically, Urvashi passes away, and Jhanak is kidnapped by Tejas, setting the stage for impending developments.

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is it too late to get another make lead?

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