Jhanak: Anirudh gets Jhanak home and leaves his family shocked

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh will be seen getting Jhanak home and this will leave his family shocked.

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The episode commences with Jhanak spotting Tejas and hurriedly approaching Anirudh. Anirudh reassures Jhanak, stating that she has nothing to fear. Tejas, brandishing a gun, directs it at Anirudh. Jhanak implores Tejas not to harm Anirudh. Tejas issues a threat, instructing Anirudh to leave if he wants to stay safe. Unperturbed, Anirudh vows to protect Jhanak. Surprisingly, Tejas takes sindoor from a nearby stall and fills Jhanak's maang (forehead). Anirudh declares that Jhanak is now his wife, and he will safeguard her. Arshi arrives, questioning Anirudh's whereabouts and expressing confusion over Jhanak having sindoor in her maang. Tejas laughs, denying any marriage with Jhanak. Jhanak wakes up, revealing it to be a bad dream, and Anirudh comforts her.

Later, Jhanak shares her dream with Anirudh, narrating the terrifying sequence. Anirudh reassures her, suggesting it was just a nightmare. The two engage in light banter as Anirudh encourages Jhanak to relax and have water. Jhanak, still uneasy, asks if she can pose a question. Anirudh assures her that the accidental marriage won't be disclosed to anyone, and she agrees to keep it a secret.

Meanwhile, the discussion shifts to the Chaudhrys' family situation. Shrishti informs Vinayak that Tejas and his associates have threatened Bharat, necessitating a conversation with Anirudh to understand the situation. Arshi expresses trust in Anirudh but admits he hasn't divulged details to her. The conversation takes a heated turn as Shrishti expresses concern about Tejas being a dangerous man. Arshi defends Anirudh, emphasizing his good nature. However, Shrishti asserts that Anirudh's involvement may have landed them in trouble.

In a different scene, Anirudh and Jhanak arrive in Kolkata and leave in a taxi. Shrishti and Arshi continue their debate about Anirudh's actions, with Shrishti suggesting Jhanak may have manipulated Anirudh. Arshi decides to visit Anirudh's house to get clarity on the situation.


Anirudh and Jhanak discuss the events, and Anirudh assuring her that he will handle the situation with Arshi and Shrishti. Anirudh's parents express their disapproval of his actions, while Arshi and Shrishti plan to visit Anirudh's house to confront him.

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