Jhanak: Anirudh and Jhanak decide to do a fake marriage, Tejas arrives

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh and Jhanak will be seen deciding to tie the knot, however, their marriage is fake.

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Hiba Nawab and Krushal Ahuja

The episode unfolds as Jhanak and an unidentified lady switch roles, with the latter assuming the guise of the bride. Instructed by Tejas, the lady urges Jhanak to cover her face and escape with the belongings sent by Tejas. Despite Jhanak's concern for her, the lady insists on Jhanak leaving alone to avoid the repercussions of Tejas' wrath. Meanwhile, Anirudh and Rahul contemplate involving the police or even the military to counter Tejas' influence. The lady, preparing for her sacrifice, hands over the jewelry to Jhanak and implores her to call once she safely departs the city.

In an emotional parting, the lady and Jhanak share a heartfelt moment, with Jhanak vowing to return and repay the favor. The lady advises Jhanak to live a life she couldn't and pursue her dreams. Meanwhile, Bharat heads to the Shiv temple for Tejas and Jhanak's supposed wedding, while Dadi expresses concern about Lakshman's whereabouts.

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Tejas directs Rukmani to be with Jhanak constantly, blaming her for leaving Jhanak alone. Jhanak, under Tejas' scrutiny, witnesses the growing tension and decides to escape. Anirudh and Rahul contemplate their limited options against Tejas' formidable forces.

As Tejas admires Jhanak in her bridal attire, Rukmani worries about her role. Tejas informs Jhanak about the privileges she will lose after marriage, subtly reminding her of her background. Despite the emotional turmoil, Jhanak stumbles and hurts herself while trying to flee. Tejas proceeds to the temple for the wedding, while Anirudh and Rahul hatch a plan to rescue Jhanak. Amidst the chaos, Jhanak runs towards the highway, encountering Anirudh and Rahul. Anirudh offers her water and suggests leaving the area, aware of Tejas' formidable influence. They witness Tejas and Rukmani's marriage, prompting Anirudh to consider Jhanak's safety and her desire to return to her village.

Rahul suggests heading to Jhanak's village, emphasizing its relative safety. Anirudh grapples with the uncertainty of their future but agrees to Jhanak's suggestion. The villagers express their anger towards Anirudh, deeming him responsible for Jhanak's actions. In a twist, Tejas lifts the ghunghat during the sindoor ritual, only to discover Rukmani instead of Jhanak. Chaos ensues, and the man denounces it as a cheat. Jhanak, Rahul, and Anirudh, now on the run, face challenges in finding a safe haven. The villagers discuss Tejas' power and the potential consequences of sheltering Jhanak.

As Rukmani claims to have locked Jhanak in a room, the villagers grapple with the dilemma of supporting or opposing Anirudh and Jhanak. The lady in the village expresses concern about Tejas' threat, but another man suggests that Anirudh will take Jhanak to Calcutta. The villagers are torn between fearing Tejas and hoping for Anirudh to help Jhanak.


The villagers pressure Anirudh to marry Jhanak or face dire consequences. Despite his initial refusal, Anirudh and Jhanak consider a fake marriage to escape Tejas' clutches. As Tejas approaches, their fate hangs in the balance.

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