Jhanak: Jhanak is asked to stayback and take care of Dada ji, he falls sick

Jhanak written update, 28th September, 2024: Anirudh's family asks Jhanak to stay back and take care of Dadaji. However, he falls sick.

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Hiba Nawab as Jhanak.
Hiba Nawab as Jhanak

The episode of Jhanak tonight begins with Appu expressing her willingness to join an event, but Lal advises her against stirring up any drama. 

Dadi persuades Choton to attend the event:

Tanuja inquires about Choton's attendance, to which Shubh dismissively comments on his usefulness. Bipasha questions the success of Choton's books, to which Dadi proudly asserts his financial independence and growing responsibility. Despite Tanuja's suggestion to let Choton focus on his work, Dadi insists on attending the event, leaving Choton to concentrate.

Jhanak is asked to stay back:

Meanwhile, Jhanak is busy in the kitchen when Anirudh arrives. Tanuja informs him about an upcoming ritual at Rinki's house and the guests expected to attend. Despite this, Anirudh prioritizes feeding the baby first. As the family discusses attending the event, Shubh emphasizes the importance of their reputation and issues a warning to Bablu regarding attendance. Amidst the conversation, tensions rise, with Bipasha cautioning against Appu's behavior and Tanuja asserting control.

Jhanak is urged to stay behind and take care of Dada ji, with Dadi stressing the importance of timely meals and medication. While Tanuja and Shubh express doubts about Jhanak's capabilities, Anirudh vouches for her. Jhanak defends herself, expressing her willingness to care for Dada ji despite the skepticism. As the debate escalates, Lal intervenes, and Anjana expresses her frustration with the situation.

Jhanak reprimands Anjana:

Anjana's outburst leads to a physical altercation with Appu, prompting Anirudh to step in and diffuse the situation. However, Anjana's emotional distress surfaces, leading to a troubling statement. Jhanak reprimands Anjana and threatens to leave if such behavior persists. Despite the tension, the family plans their outing, but Anjana's emotional turmoil remains unresolved.

Later in the evening, Arshi and Anirudh discuss wedding plans while Bipasha playfully teases them. Meanwhile, Jhanak discovers Dada ji in distress and rushes to seek help, highlighting her dilemma of not having anyone's contact details.


Jhanak urgently calls for a doctor's assistance for an unwell Amitabh Bose, while struggling to obtain medication due to a lack of funds, setting the stage for a series of unforeseen events

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