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Jeet Jayenge Hum's fire sequence turns hazardous

Jeet Jayenge Hum’s fire sequence has been giving the cast members a lot of health ailments…

Published: Monday,Jan 11, 2010 19:16 PM GMT-07:00
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The crew of Sony TV's Jeet Jayenge Hum has been shooting for a fire sequence of late. The result is that a lot of actors have succumbed to the ill-effects of smoke and heat. The sad situation reached its peak when actor Akhilendra Mishra got so severely ill that he didn't turn up for the shoot today and the whole shoot got canceled as without him nothing could be done.

Sana Shiekh who plays the role of Suman Shukla says, "Yes, it's true that the shoot got canceled today as Akhilendra ji was absent."

When asked if Akhilendra Mishra missed shoot due to the fire sequence that was having a bad effect on his health, Sana confirmed it saying, "Yes, I think it's because of that. Yesterday itself he was telling me that he wasn't able to take the stress of shooting amongst this fire. And we have been shooting in such conditions since the past four nights, can you believe it? In fact, even I have not been spared. My ears, nose and throat all feel blocked. When I swallow I feel a lump in my throat."

We spoke to Nupur Alankar who plays the role of Damayanti Shukla. She too confirms the news saying, "Yes, the shoot got canceled today as Akhilendra Mishra ji didn't turn up for the shoot. He fell ill because of the fire sequence that we've been shooting for from the past few days."

We questioned whether she felt any ill-effects of shooting in such an environment to which she answered, "Haan, mujhe bhi bukhaar jaise ho raha hai do-dinon se (Yes, I too have been feeling feverish since the past two days). But work is work na, we have to do."

If four days of intense fire can have such dire consequences on the actors, then we cannot help wondering about the kids who actually work in such bangle factories…

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Shaina_b @Shaina_b 13 years ago Why don't the producers do something about it??
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Lyla Khan @Echoesofpassion 15 years ago finally...i was so eager to see their jodi again in a movie and this is it...
i cant wait
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ASK @sharala 15 years ago about time they got back together!!..the best onscreen couple ever!!! hope it's not a long wait to see the end result!
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ksang_gal @ksang_gal 15 years ago Awww. I love their jodi so much. Can't wait to see this movie.
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talkativetaurus @talkativetaurus 15 years ago oh just a cameo .. but yipeeee ....gd 2 see her bkwith srk
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kooliio @kooliio 15 years ago cant wait for the movie......srk is the best :)
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Selina @ShellyB 15 years ago glad to know khan is still going ahead wiv srk-kads although im pretty sure it'll release mid-late in the year lyk most of k-jo's films newaiz its worth da w8 :D
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Selina @ShellyB 15 years ago srk-kads r da best jodi eva even if only for a verse they're always worth watching n waiting for always wanted aditya 2 pair dem up agen after DDLJ
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Tiffany @TiaMaria93 15 years ago EEEEEEEEEP!!!! CANT WAIT!!!! they are the powerhouse of the industry...after SRK AND MADHURI!!!
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amna malik
Amna Malik @amna malik 15 years ago even if it is for a verse.................would love to see them together in one frame
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