Jeet has a troubled time ahead..

Zee's Maayka is gearing up for a highpoint wherein Jeet, played by Romit Raj is fighting for his life post an accident..

It’s finally truce in the Hindi television industry as shoots have resumed, and actors are gearing up for hectic schedules yet again!!

Zee’s Maayka, produced by Creative Eye will see a major twist coming up wherein Jeet, played by Romit Raj will meet with a brutal accident.

Explaining the highpoint is Sangamitra, Creative Director as she says, “Jeet will meet with an accident and at the same time, Bua makes her comeback into the show. Bua warns Durga(Shoma Anand) that she might lose her second son too, if Soni(Shilpa Shinde) continues to be in Jeet’s life. As Soni’s future remains at stake, Durga will be forced by Bua to choose between Jeet and Soni in the coming episodes”.

We talked to Romit Raj who plays Jeet to know further, but the actor was clueless as he has just started shoot today, and has not got the narration yet.

However, our source from the sets informs us that, “Romit has shot for his accident sequence, and the viewers will really get worried for Jeet as they see him in this state”.

Talking more on the accident, our source adds “Jeet who is upset and is in a drunken state is driving when this fatal accident occurs. To know more on the troubled time that Jeet goes thro’, you will have to watch the episodes”. 

Well, here is yet another struggle on cards for Soni…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (13)

not again
Cheery must have hired her I think!

15 years ago

oh man i can see jeet''s accident but i CANNOT STAND THAT BUA

15 years ago

Oh no, i don''t want to see Bua come back... ugh!!!


15 years ago

I don''t want to poor Soni again crying and crying and being taunted by others without her own fault......please let us see some good romantic scenes also...always rona-dhona..

15 years ago

poor soni... i hate the bua!

15 years ago

oh god da same story line again so boring. these shows can never change. in another word bakwas.

15 years ago

Thanks for the article...Poor Soni...

15 years ago

aww das well sad x aww i feel well sorry for Soni why does she always have to go through pain? x

15 years ago

Trouble after Trouble after Trouble for Soni. :( I was hoping to see more Soni+Jeet moments. Gahh, When will Bua and Cherry leave??!?!?!?!

15 years ago

isn''t this storyline repeated again and again - the difference being - different characters in the show??

tch-tch !

15 years ago

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