Jay Walia suffers a heart attack..

A twist in the tale in Zee's Kasamh Se as Jay Walia aka Ram Kapoor suffers a heart attack tonight.. Get to know details here..

Zee's Kasamh Se
will see a new twist, as Jay Walia aka Ram Kapoor will suffer a heart attack in today's episode freeze.

According to our source, "Jay Walia and Bani are spending private time together on the dinner table, when all of a sudden Jay starts to perspire and complains of chest pain. He asks Bani to call the doctor immediately and collapses. Jay is rushed to the hospital and is diagnosed to have suffered a heart attack".

It is heard that tonight's episode will freeze with Jay Walia collapsing and this will leave viewers with a shock as to whether he is alive or dead.

Our source explains further, "It so happens that just before Jay Walia gets the attack, Jigyasa ( Ashwini Kalsekar) and her husband Aditya leave for USA to be with Ranveer, and the whole Walia family has gone to the airport to see them off".

The present track did not leave any such trace of Jay Walia getting unwell. "Though Jay did not develop any symptoms before the attack, the doctors detect the reason for this and this is where a new highpoint starts in the show", concludes our source.

What is the exact reason for Jay Walia to suffer a heart attack all of a sudden? What does future hold for Jay and Bani?

To get your answers, watch the track ahead in Zee's Kasamh Se..

'Kasamh Se', this is an interesting twist in the tale!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (36)

Can not wait to see what will happen.

we want a nice storyline.

15 years ago

I just hopehe doesnt die coz thn the story will be over... I personally feel tht theyyy did this coz he needs tym even to reherse for jhalak dikhla ja-3 may be thht yy......

15 years ago

well i was a die hard KS fan...mad abt JB...but i want jai walai to die n rest in peace....the show is full crap now a days

15 years ago

people should wright good comments abou tthe show orther wise keep it to yourself! it''s not like you guys can do anything better

15 years ago

i love this show abd by the Jay had a symptom -- his left hand was bothering since the morning ... and we could see that through out the epi ... anywayss hiim getting heart attact might bring ganga and vicky togather ... but yeahh this show should end cause it has nothing neww in it beside jig''s VAAR and Baani''s BACHAAV...

15 years ago

omg! is jai dead?? lozl i bet dis new twist is cuz since ram is bzze w/ JDJ! :p but cooll...finnalli sumtihng new in KS! lolz i was getting bored w/ ad trck n was onli wtching 4 RG<3

15 years ago

i think ram kapoor will now get busy with jhalak dikhla ja and so his character will hv less to do in kasamh se in the coming episodes till JDJ ends

15 years ago

Hope this will bring new twist in the show.

15 years ago

hope, this brings a new twist into the story.

15 years ago

haha.. i was about the say the same thing julie1234567890..lol

15 years ago

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