Jay Bhanushali's special appearance in Ek Packet Umeed...

The dashing Jay Bhanushali is all set for a special appearance in Ek Packet Umeed. Watch this special episode this Tuesday, June 17th at 8.30pm only on NDTV Imagine...

This week, Umeed Bhavan opens its doors to a very special guest, none other than Jay Bhanushali. All the women of Umeed Bhavan, right from Dolly to Bakuben and Shakuben adore Jay! Watch their day being made as Jay Bhanushali makes a special appearance as himself, on this special episode of EK PACKET UMEED at 8.30 pm on Tuesday, June 17, 2008 only on NDTV IMAGINE.

Anuj (Rakesh Bapat), in his attempt to take Sujata (Rupali Ganguli) out for a date, gets two tickets for famous television actor Jay Bhanushali's musical night and Sujata is thrilled when she comes to know this. But knowing how crazy Baku nani is about Jay, she gives her pass to Baku nani. The dilemma for them now is, how to hide this fact from Shaku, who will feel awful if she comes to know that Baku went without her.

Shaku gets suspicious when she sees Baku dressed up and get to hear different stories as to where Baku is going. Despite numerous efforts by everyone to hide this picture, Shaku finally spots a picture of Bakuben in the newspaper with Jay Bhanushali and is furious with everyone for lying to her. She is especially hurt by the fact that Baku, who means the world to her, had lied and refuses to speak to anyone in the house. Sujata realizes that the only way to compensate for this would be to do something special for Bakuben to cheer her up.

Watch this special episode of Ek Packet Umeed with a special cameo by popular television star Jay Bhanushali, this Tuesday, June 17th at 8.30 pm only on NDTV Imagine!

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Raqesh Vashisth Bapat

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Jay Bhanushali

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Anuj Gupta

Comments (5)

there is no way i am missing this episode lol. Jay is so talented and funny...i would love to see him on ek packet umeed

15 years ago

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy he is so HOT nd CUTE. so totally watching this

15 years ago

aawww jay is choooo cute.... hee lookssss awesome mannnnn

15 years ago

I m so hppy.

kash sumtym bck I might hve get a chance 2 go date wid him. hehehe but nw is mine bro. hahah

15 years ago

jay is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.we love you.

15 years ago

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