Jay Bhanushali to walk out of Iss Jungle?

Jay Bhanushali is pretty angry at Mika's way of bullying him, so much so that he has threatened to walk out of Iss Jungle..

Published: Tuesday,Aug 11, 2009 14:54 PM GMT-06:00
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We all know that Mika and controversies go hand in hand!! However, the shocker that he sprung on our dear chocolate boy Jay Bhanushali in the jungles of Malaysia broke all past records!!

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According to our source, "The guys were casually chatting away in the night, when suddenly Mika got near Jay and pulled his pants down!! A shocked and angry Jay could not believe what happened to him in the midst of boys and girls. Mika went a step further, booed and laughed at Jay, only to be given company by other contestants".

However, this action of Mika shook Jay so much that he walked away in a hurry to leave with his bags. A source tells us, "Jay is extremely pissed off, and wants to walk out of the show. The entire scene was very embarrassing for him, as he had not even worn his under pants when this sequence happened. Jay was heard telling Mika that he respects him, but he needs to stay within his limits. The officials are actually convincing Jay to stay on, but nothing is clear right now!!".

We will now have to wait and see whether Jay makes up his mind to walk out just like Shweta Tiwari did, or will stay put to fight yet another day in the jungle!!

But wonder what made Mika take this insane step, probably this is one more way to gain publicity?

Jay Bhanushali Mika Singh Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao  Sony TV 

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Prem-heer4eva 12 years ago Mika is such an asshole.. geez he thinks he's funny but he is nowhere near that. poor jay I feel so bad for him he should have just punched or hurt mika some how but i guess he wanted to be the bigger and better person. Mika you think everyone loves you because of your music but they really don't you're just famous because people have pity for you.
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amythegreat 12 years ago mika is soooooooooooo stupid..............
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miss_choxz 12 years ago Mika is a mentlly retarded person!!!

He is sick in the head

he needs to be eliminated from the jungle......
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loveprem94 12 years ago mica is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ishan. 13 years ago Throw Mika out of Jungle

The other celebrities must be definitely saying IS MIKA SE MUJHE BACHAO !!!
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Shaizma 13 years ago shame man poor jay - sony should have edited that out - how embarassing
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kkushi06 13 years ago dis was extreamelly 2 much........i felt sooo badd 4 jay b/c dis is very embarssing...mika nt only did dis pathetic thing in front of guys but also infront of girls n infront of da camera's.....he has no rite 2 humilate sumbody on t.v........dat damn guy needs 2 learn 2 stay in his damnn limitss.....ii seriously felt da pain of jay.....i juss hope he dosent leave da show cz i want him 2 be da winner n i want him 2 stay in da jungle n show everybody hez nt sumbody who could be humilated n insetead be da winner or atleast reach 2 da finalls....=]]
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SunShine_A 13 years ago mika is just a big sh*t...........he has no respect,honour n fame of his own so just tryng out everthng on evry1 to bring their fame down n made thm embrass, really feeling sorry fr jay
i just pray he would leave but if he stays thn he must teach mika a very good lesson tht leave him embarss throughout his lyf

nw its high tym fr jay to take revenge frm those fools thy don't deseve his goody behaviour n attitute
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Angel-A 13 years ago i hate mika.. stupid him.. feel sorry for jay..
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Cute_Ash 13 years ago sony ua re not gonna get trps by showing this
If mika was immature u guys shuld knw wta to edita nd wat not to arghhh
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