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Jasvir Kaur accused of doing 'naatak'...

Sahara One's Saas V/s Bahu, produced by Swastik Pictures will see a heated argument and few horrendous reactions coming out as an after-effect to Jasveer having a fall twice during her performance..

Published: Monday,Sep 15, 2008 16:44 PM GMT-06:00
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Jasvir Kaur playing Kajri in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan, is not only known for her acting skills but also for proving her dancing talent in various occasions. Having tasted success by winning Ek Se Badhkar Ek,  Jasvir is now seen in Sahara One’s Saas Vs Bahu, produced by Swastik Pictures. 

Jasvir Kaur accused of doing naatak...
But things looked very bleak for the dancing queen as all happened within 15 seconds after her performance began, when Jasvir called for a cut and announced that she had sprained her leg. Concerned about her ailment, all those present on the set paid attention to her so that she could get back to normal soon. She got better but things did not end up there as it fired a heated debate whether to allow her to perform once again or not. While the Bahus had no objection to it, the Saas group demanded that the decision taken should be followed for any other contestant in the future episodes.

Jasvir became emotional and requested that she be given a chance to perform even if she is not awarded any marks for the same. The judges decided to go for it on human grounds, but the twist happened when she again fell just before her performance was to end. Aroona Irani was very unhappy and commented that Jasvir was lying totally as in two seconds the leg cannot get ok for her to dance so well. “You don't have to do natak for performance, humein bewkoof banaya, even I have gone through these pains in my younger days. We supported you but it was wrong. Did this ever happen to you in a live performance on stage? Am sure it hasn’t. Am not going to give you any points”, said a livid Aroona ji.

Vaishnavi the saas also agreed to her on this issue and commented that it was unethical to play tricks just to get marks. Concurring to Aroona, Longi the other judge refused to give marks for the performance of Jasvir giving a reason that as Aroona was not giving marks, he too decided not to comment much on the performance.

Jasvir Kaur accused of doing naatak...
Defending Jasvir was her team mate Souwmya Tondon who reasoned that real and reel life reactions to pain can be different. Since Jassi knew she was on camera she didn't express her pain, just like actors hide their discomfort of being unwell or injured. Soumya explains her stance, “I just stated my point of view and wasn't happy about my team getting a zero.” But Aroona Irani didn't like what she heard and she hollered back at Soumya!! “What do you know? Tum toh kal ki ladki ho.”

Souwmya felt Aroona was getting personal and decided to stay calm. “We never got any marks and there was nothing we could do, so what was the point in arguing? So that chapter is closed”, averred she. Aroona has been seen targeting Souwmya even before this incident where she said “tum toh tili jaisi lagti ho, zor hi nahin lagta.” To which Souwmya reacted this way, “I didn't quite take to that comment. She can be really rude and caustic with the things she says but maybe that's her style, though honestly it disturbs me a bit because we have grown up seeing her on screen.” After all this is said and done, Jasvir got further emotional and the drama reached to the peak when even audience refused to vote for her…

Well, all this proves that reality shows cannot run smoothly without having a touch of salt and pepper!!

Author: Anuradha

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Lifez_Beautiful @Lifez_Beautiful 15 years ago even though arunaji was rude...i feel wat dat gal did was a naatak !! u can see her saying i forgot jus like Karan ,the host pointed out... If it was due to pain... she wud n shud hv told dat... instead of saying i forgot... coz pain is a natural reaction...n it wud hv cum automatically to her mouth if she was in severe painth... well is was wat i felt after seeing the episode... she may b having problm .. but in dat dance it was altogtr anothr ball game..
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago thanks... but i agree that Aroona Irani's comments are a bit harsh!
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afreen_14 @afreen_14 15 years ago 4rm the 1st episode i thought that she dont desreve 2 be a judge on this platform
this shw needs a real judge who can explain in which part u were wrong bt she do nthing the only thing she do is giving bad marks and trys 2 be strik and shws dat she knws very much abt dancing????????? i dont thinks she knws much as anybody can give these kind of comments as she does lol>............... saroj khan or vaibahvi merchant are more good choices
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Aditi @adoremevirgo 15 years ago aroona irani doesnt deserve to be a judge with this sort fo temparament
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radhika_21 @radhika_21 15 years ago usually jassi is really good!
thanx 4 the info!
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Jess. @Jess. 15 years ago aruna rani was being a little too rude..
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Bhoo @canideactivate 15 years ago You know how your said Aruna Irani is mean to Shoma Anand (neighbor in Shararat) well Shoma replaced Aruna in Maayka. That is old news but could it be a grudge.
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Shruti @shruti 15 years ago Reality shows & controversies go hand in hand.
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KOMAL @komalash 15 years ago I watched an epi of this show..n I found Aruna Irani very rude n passed very disgusting remarks to the saas...i donno her name..but she as in the star plus serial shararat...the neighbour who use to come and ask for sufar,flour, aur other food stuff..haha
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Ask Me @truemate 15 years ago she is bakwass ... more i cant say as i dont watch cheap shows
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