Jagya's dilemma of choice!!!

Jagya to choose between Anandi and Gauri in the coming episodes of Colors' Balika Vadhu...

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Till date Colors' Balika Vadhu saw that Gauri (Anjum Farooqi) and Jagya (Shashank Vyas) have decided to pursue their higher studies together in the same college in Mumbai, and in the coming episodes viewers will get to see Jagya in a dilemma to choose between Gauri and Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee).

Our source says, "Jagya and Gauri have already arrived in Mumbai and they will come to know that there is no vacancy in the college hostel. This compels them to find a place to dwell outside and they finally succeed to find a house owned by Kunda and henceforth will begin their live-in relationship".

"But at the same time, back home the whole family will decide to send Anandi to Mumbai thinking about the fact that Jagya will have to stay alone. But all preparations go in vain when Anandi falls ill and gets hospitalised because of Ulcer in her stomach. The family informs Jagya about this, but simultaneously Gauri also suffers from typhoid. This situation puts Jagya in a dilemma", adds the source

The role of Kunda will be played by Smita Oak who is currently seen as Rasika Lokhande in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta.

Will Jagya choose Gauri against Anandi? What will his decision be?

Watch the coming episodes of Balika Vadhu in Colors'.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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intruderfast 9 years ago obviously he will choose gauri as he loves her and its already shown
anandi , move on now, i know its very hard but now its time 2 give up and start living 4 urself
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Wanderbug 9 years ago Guys the real culprit is the guy named pranjal saxsena who is colors creative head..he has ruined every show under him...BAlika Vadhu,LAado,Uttran,And laagi tujhse lagan...if u ever visit LTL forum u'll find how much we hate this guy becoz he made the male lead to leave and brought in a new charcter for adultry track there too..this guy seems so infatuated about extra-marital affairs and adultery makes u wonder wht kinda creep he is.
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shivani003 9 years ago Jagya ur a DICK for being a two timing retard! I have absolutely no words to express my utter disgust for your disgusting deeds! Screw u COLOURS! I stopped watching this rubbish ever since this lame adultery track started. This show was history in the making but now it should just be history.2011-04-10 22:07:52
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veenasudhij 9 years ago i thnk ur spoiling a best shw....BV team bringing the story somwhere fom the basic theme child marrige..
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A-HELPING-HAND 9 years ago he should choose Anandi but I know he will choose Gauri and if he will not choose gauri then how cvs will make anandi a cry baby
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rajkumar11cc 9 years ago go to hell jagya want anandi to do I.A.S
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Neha_K 9 years ago lo jee........ story aage badh rahi thi kii fir purane boring track pe aa gayi!!
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AreYaar 9 years ago Wow......what "evolution" this show has reached....I didn't know that ppl in rural India also found it so easy to jump into live-in relationships....kudos Colors! What amazing things you show in your shows! TV is getting more and more revolting.
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sanw 9 years ago thanks for the aticle. I am sure people like jagya will choose gauri over anandi. lets see what happens!
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phadukaran 9 years ago who is kunda, and how is she related to this article.
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