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Jagya-Gauri get married; Kalyani suffers a heart attack

The news of Jagya-Gauri marriage comes as a big shocker for Maasa in Colors' Balika Vadhu..

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The Saturday Special episode of Colors' Balika Vadhu will see Jagya (Shashank Vyas) and Gauri (Anjum Farooki) getting married in a secret affair.

A little birdie tells us, "Jagya and Gauri go thro' a registered marriage at the earliest by bribing the staff present in the registration office. After the wedding, Gauri insists on taking blessings from Jagya's family so that their wedding does not stay a secret affair. Jagya tries his best to dissuade Gauri, but his efforts are in vain. Eventually he takes her to the haveli wherein everyone in his family are taken aback by Jagya's sudden decision".

The unexpected happens when Kalyani Maasa (Surekha Sikri) suffers a massive heart attack when she gets to know that Jagya has married the same girl Gudiya, who had been forced by her to marry her grandson years back.

Will Maasa survive this attack? Will this affect Jagya-Gauri relationship in any way?

Catch the super Saturday episode this week to see the twists...

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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shopgal 9 years ago What I dont get is Gauri is looking at the whole family falling apart. Dadisa is lying on the floor in pain (which NO one noticed) and she goes on arguing about the fact that how herself and her family were ill treated a zillion years ago. I must say this gal has no sense of humanity, she doesnt get the point that she is Jagiya's second wife and has messed up someone else's life.
Talk about prioritising, Gauri's list of priorities is -
THEN somewhere in the bottom comes Dadisa and Anandi2011-06-09 07:44:55
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.Vrish. 9 years ago I agree w/ Anandi's decision to leave that house. After all, regardless of how Sumitra & Bairon may feel towards her, it's her sasural, not her maayka, and now that that marriage is dead, she has no business remaining there, and they had no business asking her to remain.

I wish she did not turn back when Kalyani fainted - the latter is the bitch who ensured that she had a miserable life since her marriage. She was the one who tortured Anandi when she was a kid - I don't believe in forgiving her just b'cos she loves her now!!! And I DO want Kalyani to DROP DEAD - that should have happened long ago. What's it w/ these bitchy hags that make them live as long as the earth, long after their grandkids are all grown, while nicer people of their age and around them drop like flies?
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SweetSona2010 9 years ago Those who follow the serial religiously and are not blind know that Jagya did establish physical relationship with Anandi after they became adults.

And yes it was a child marriage but Jagya was in love with Anandi. He should have legally wedded her. But he went to Mumbai and he changed as soon as he came in contact with modern boys & girls & that Gauri...even a chamaleon does not change its colour so soon...& he blames Anandi that she is not worthy of him...My foot. In fact he does not deserve a girl like Anandi.

And todays episode was great Anandi showed how big her heart is & Tai sa's solid dialogues shows where Jagya stands before our dear Anandi.
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shamil 9 years ago @Ajith1980- jagya did have physical relationship with his wife even after he 'befriended' gauri' . and his so callled 'pain' is nothing compared to the betrayed girl.
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Ajith1980 9 years ago Story is going superb thanks to the editor/writer ,We need to understand Jaggia got married in his child hood hence marriage with Anandi is not valid, please remember Jaggia didn't have any physical relationship with Anandi, a young man comes to Mumbai for his studies he finds his love and express the same, but the pain which he goes through everyone has seen, I think Jaggia did right is proposing and convincing Gowri and getting married to her nothing better can happen, gowri and Jaggia both in the same profession they will have a great feature, sad for Anandi but she has a great life ahead of her wish her all the best for the same, once again thanks for the justice done for Jaggia by story writer.
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kashisthebest 9 years ago hey hating d serial right now plz ye gauri wala episode jaldi khatam karo plzzz
aur anandi shd become somewat modern atleast thoda sa iwish dadisa use naye clothes la kar de some modern style ke even suits will work
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sensationalme 9 years ago Dey hve already betrayed da storyline...nd nw dey have murdered dis show!!!
2011-06-05 07:52:50
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aartiii 9 years ago oh gawd what an improvement in the show...if Jagya is already married then how come ...he is eleigible for a 2nd marriage...gauri is a well literate girl ...then even...WInd up the show now...
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intruderfast 9 years ago why wind up the show when its doing so gr8, the cvs should be applauded for doing the right thing ,they r showing the message clearly, now aandi will finally study become independent while jgay gauri will also move on with their life ,
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Iriss 9 years ago Just wind up the show instead of butchering n killing characters
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