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'I've got everything in life' - Husein

As part of the 'Artist of the Month' series.. here's presenting, Husein's chat transcript - Part 1.

Published: Friday,Oct 19, 2007 03:35 AM GMT-06:00
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Husein Kuwajerwala, celebrated his birthday on 12th October with an exclusive Birthday interview to India-Forums. Husein had a chat with our very own GM Minnie..and they spoke over several things, including Nach Baliye, and ofcourse Minnie read out messages from fans!

Minnie: Husein.. An actor par excellence.. A brilliant & friendly host.. A fantabulous dancer.. These are just few of the adjectives associated with Husein.. But his fans love & adore him for all this and much much more. A wonderful human being, so down to earth, friendly and humble.. the list just goes on & on....

India-Forums' first ever Artist of the Month..and rightly deserving, for all his achievements so far, and making such a special place in the hearts of his fans.. Plus, its his birthday! So here we are, celebrating Husein's birthday, with him in person. Happy Birthday Husein..and very very welcome to India-Forums once again

Ive got everything in life - Husein
Husein: Thank you soooo much Minnie.. Thank you soo much.. and thanks for all the compliments. I really don't know whether I deserve all those or not..but nevertheless..thank you sooo much.

Minnie: Alright, let me quickly start with a message. I always get her name wrong..so let me get it right this time. Its 'ankuhujulover'.. I always say 'ankujuhulover', so she gets very angry and says "Husein comes first..Juhi comes second"

Husein: Sorry sorry..come again on the name.. ankuhujulover??

Minnie: Yes.. Actually, her username is 'ankuhujulover'..

Husein: HuJu? Okay..

Minnie: Yup.. I used to read 'ankujuhulover', so she would go like - "Husein comes first..so please read it 'HuJu'"

Husein: HuJu.. How sweet is that..

Minnie: Its Ankita, actually.. thats her user id on IF.. and she says,
Hii cakie pie..Huseini bear...thts rocking Husein
Happy bdayy to u....happy to u...happy bday dear Husein..Happy bday to u
Another year and your bday comes..
I dunno but ur bday has always been special coz it was around your
bday i became your fan..i guess its gonna be 4 yrs now...wuhuu..

I still dunno why i like you so much means theres no reason to love you...
There have been many times u brought a huge smile on my face and yea
i have got lots of special people in my life coz of you...You are reli
special and every card every letter i have sent you has been from my
heart and i truly hope by now you surely know wht u mean and how special
you are...Truly Love u
You are an actor par excellence and have the ability to make every1
go mad...wish u achiever loads in your career and god bless u with
wish u loads and tonnes of happiness that is equal to number of stars
in the sky...wishes...success..gud health..hugs..and everythng
u wish for.....May god bless u..
Love ya loads..hugs and kisses
Ankooo...or ermm Ankita...

Ive got everything in life - Husein
Husein: Thank you sooo much Ankita, once again.. I think she's one fan who, yes, truly has been in touch now for 4 years.. And it really feels good.. She's one of those fans who if she does not like something, she does not hold it back..she just tells you 'this is what I don't like about it'.. You know, generally there are fans who tell you 'this is what I like', but they never tell you 'this is what I don't like'. This is what I like about her..that she tells me, this is what she does NOT like. Thank you sooo much for all your wishes, all the blessings. Its because of all of this and all the lovey fans' that one keeps on getting good work, and I'm really happy that I do get a smile on lots of peoples' faces. I'm really shocked how, coz half the time I'm crying on the show..I really don't know how does that happen (fans' smiling) Unless me crying makes people smile..

Minnie: No no no.. Your Indian Idol was a far cry from any crying..you rocked on that..you rocked on Nach Baliye..what are you saying Husein?! No no..your smile is as fresh as..

Husein: Half the time we're complaining to the producers..enough enough enough..how much are you guys going to make us cry..

Minnie: hahaha.. Possibly, you know.. they watch all your crying coz they know that, you know..just when its over there's gonna be a smile..

Husein: Yaaa.. that is when I actually have a smile on my face..when I come to know that finally there might be a few episodes where I may not cry..

Minnie: Awww..thats sad.. But guess, thats daily soap for you..

Husein: I really appreciate Ankita and all the other fans..

Minnie: But I don't understand..everyone is tired of crying, but they still keep showing it..

Husein: Whenever I ask them (production), that don't you think people are bored of looking at me crying all the time..they say, 'you'll be surprised but they want you to cry; they like when you cry..' And I'm like 'its impossible, coz half the time when I ask any..I mean I only get my feedback from very few fans like Ankita who gives me feedback and ofcourse my lovely wife, who gives me all the feedback from fans coz they're more in touch with her, and she says 'I don't really think they like to see you crying anymore and..you should stop it. But somewhere down the line, dunno the kind of response they get..saying that; no they want to see you cry.. So guess, I'm crying all the time then..

Minnie: Maybe we should start a morcha.. 'No more crying for Husein!'

Husein: Please do that!!

Minnie: Okay.. A wish for yourself on your birthday!

Husein: A wish? Nothing really.. I don't intend having anything for myself.. I've got everything that I desire..rather, let me put it this way..I've got much more than what I've always desired in life..and I always keep saying that to Tina also..that all my wishes have been fulfilled so early in life. The only wish that I could have is that.. Well, the only thing that I don't have in my life is my father.. The only wish is..I know its not possible but..if I could have him back. And if nothing else, then I would just want to see that smile and satisfaction on his face that 'my son did something in life'..

Minnie: So sweet.. I'm sure he's looking at you from somewhere, blessing you and being happy..I'm sure of it. You know what, maybe, on the lighter side, you can wish for a 'No crying screen time for Husein in 2008'

Husein: I wouldn't mind that actually.. If I could get that one wish that is fulfilled, then yes, I would like, somehow or the other, in 2008, absolutely no crying in Kumkum.. especially for me! Coz I've actually seen ki Juhi mujhse kam roti hai..main usse zyada rota hoon! Its a proven fact.. Being a woman she should be crying more, but unfortunately its me! So specially there has to be a morcha and yes, in 2008 no crying for me!

Minnie: Okay.. One morning you wake up to see yourself ruling the world ..what would your reaction be?

Husein: If..one fine morning I wake up and see myself ruling the world,..then my first reaction would be that I want to see a smile on everybody's faces. As a ruler, if I could bring that, there is nothing like it.. if there is happiness around. There are smiley faces all around, there is happiness as such..

Minnie: Awww..so sweet. Okay, let me read you another message. This is from another Ankita. Her user id is Vedant Pintu.. and she says..

Although you dont know me, i love you, adore you and watch you every single day...October seems most beautiful month to me because a very special person is born in this month who is sweetest, cutest, loveliest and most handsome and dynamic person on this earth..
And he is none other than you Hussain..I cannot think of my world without you... You are the best..
!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish you many happy returns of the day..
May you have a prosperous, happiest and a very beautiful
long life..

Husein: Thank you so much Ankita. Infact, I'm just thinking, that since I have such lovely fans by the name 'Ankita..one who I know and the other whose message you just read right now.. I think I'll suggest this name in, whenever the next show I do, that whoever is opposite me as my co-star, her name should be 'Ankita'..

Minnie: Wowww! Thats wonderful.. By the way, is Tina with you?

Husein: No..she's not with me right now..

Minnie: She has a message for you.. and she says..
Hey sweetie..wish you a very very very happy birthday. May u get all what you want and more. My prayers and good wishes are always with you. Gifts i will think about. hahahahaha. Love you now & forever..

Husein: Thank you soo much baby..love you too! And..I really don't need anything more.. You know I've got whatever I've needed in life.. I've got you..can't really ask for anything more in life..what do I need. Gifts YES I NEED..quite a few..so you better get it this time!

Minnie: Alright.. Can we be privy to any one thing you want from Tina?

Husein: Any one thing that I want from Tina? To be honest..nothing really. Coz I have everything..so I really don't know if there is something that I require from her.. No..not really. Let me see what she gives me..

Minnie: Okay.. we'll come back and find out what she gave you.. Now Ekta has a message for you..Her username is Ektaj..I beleive you know her as well
Hi Husein..
Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy!!
Wish you many many happy returns of the day! You're one of the very few people in the world who have the ability to touch people's heart, not just by the work you do..but for the person you are. You're one of the reasons so many of us have a SMILE on our face Thank you sooooo much!
Here's wishing you loads & loads of happiness, smiles, joy, good health & lots of success.. I pray to God to always keep you happy & smiling...and success in anything & everything you do!
Take care.. God Bless!
Love always.. Eks (Ekta)

Husein: Thank you so much Ekta and Thank you so much for your wishes.. Its not your birthday today but I would like to wish the same for you, for every day of your life.. May god just keep you happy always and may your family be happy.. May success be there, but yes, hard work is needed and I am sure that all of you are hardworking the way I am right now.. I am really working hard towards it.. You guys achieve whatever you want in life..

Minnie: Oh great so sweet.. Okay so there's another, you know, light hearted question for you.. What would you, you know, how would you define love? One doesn't do anything but just
falls in love. So what is your take on it?

Ive got everything in life - Husein
Husein: Love? Defining love, I think, is very difficult. Love is better felt than defined. You can only feel love, not define love.

Minnie: Alright..I think that was a beautiful answer. Short and sweet. So anything funny that happened to you recently?

Husein: Hmm.. anything funny that happened to me recently?

Minnie: Last time i remember you told us a really funny incident..

Husein: Hmm this time.. I keep on forgetting things. I am just too absent minded. Many a times, it happens as I am with Tina and she tells me something and I just forget the next second. I really dunno.. She would ask me just to go to the room and get her something or anything of that sort..I would go to the room and come back and forget it. So something is just going wrong. I just need to work on that. I'm just too absent minded in the last..I mean, I can feel that in 2007 something is going wrong, but.. Many a times I'm with her and she would ask me something.. literally now I have to make notes! At this age its really sad, but true.. Yeah, I have to make notes to remember what I am supposed to do and what I am not supposed to do.. I think I really need to work on that in 2008 for sure!

Minnie: No I think its very normal. I think you have too much on your plate. Its just too much happening, its not possible to have everything filtered down to the memory slots that is required to go, so there's nothing that is abnormal..

Husein: Yea I think its all the good wishes of the fans, they keep on liking whatever I do luckily... And its like everytime I do a show I keep on telling Tina that now its over.. now it should be over..am sure they are bored of me..how much are they gonna see me now and my anchored shows. Infact I was quite shocked and surprised when I got Nach.. I said I have just done Indian Idol, why would they want me do Nach again. But its a very nice opportunity and so great to be back on the show and this time not as a contestant. Though there is tension and pressure of anchoring but the pressure of those 2 min are not there. But it was just a pleasure to be back on the show, and I always kept on telling myself that fans would not want me to see me anymore but luckily, I guess its thanks to all these lovely guys they keep on appreciating the work and Thankyou guys. I will just try and meet up your expectations..

To be continued..

Well friends.. Hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of Husein's IF chat.. There is lots more exciting messages coming up..including some from Husein's co-stars. Stay Tuned to Telly Buzz for Part 2..coming soon!

Author: Ekta, Ankita (ankuhujulover)

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surakshita @surakshita 16 years ago
Always liked to read Hussain's interviews.

i will re-christen my name Ankita now so as to be his next co-star
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xox.iloveyou @xox.iloveyou 16 years ago thanx fr sharng.. really enjoyed reading it..

just waiting fr d second part
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hardik @hardic 16 years ago thanks for shraing
waiting for the second part
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Ahmed @Too_Much 16 years ago I enjoyed Minnie di text more :D

and anku message was the same i wrote for my 24th G.F hahahahhaha joking..enjoy....
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nands @nands 16 years ago aww hussain cho chweet,dwn to earth...

hes rulin d wrld n above all ME sure.....

bang on HUSSAIN!!
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VEDANT_PINTU @VEDANT_PINTU 16 years ago anku, eks... thanks so much for the wonderful gift... my msg was read.. i am on the seventh sky... wowieeee ..husein will have his next co-star named ankita.. it will be beautiful gift for us...i feel good and lucky now to have this name otherwise i never liked it....... love you anku,eks..... :))))
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henna @~RexKiRani~ 16 years ago he is a total rockstar guy so awesome and so down to earth may god bless him love u hussain
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Rahila @Rah_HuJu 16 years ago ohhhh how sweeet!!wish I'd sent in my message earlier so u guys would've included it :( but coz of ramadhan wasn't online much....Anku & Ekta ur soooo lucky!!& Minnie's the luckiest!!thx for the wonderful work...waiting for part 2...hope Juhi's message is there...
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Huma @diljaani 16 years ago Ankita must be feeling on top of the world...look how many times Hussein took her name?! LOL

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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago Ahhhh, Hussain's too sweet... just love this fellow, what a sweet first part of the the transcript, thanks Minnie massi, Anku, and Ekta!!
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