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It’s was surprising for me to know that Simran will end up at Virk house: Chetna Singh of ‘Udaariyaan’

Here’s what Simran aka Chetna Singh of ‘Udaariyaan’ has to say about the current track of the show.

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Chetna Singh

Courtesy : Chetna Singh's Instagram

Colors’ show ‘Udaariyaan’ is getting a lot of love from the viewers. The show is rising high and secured fourth position in Top 5 television shows across channel with an impressive 2.7 TRP rating. The current track of the show revolves around Simran landing at Virk house and informing the family about her relationship with Buzo. She wanted wash off the accusation that Fateh and her mother have been putting on Tejo.

Fans were eager to have Simran spilling the truth and it just happened in the previous episodes. India Forums got in touch with actress Chetna Singh who plays the character of Simran in the show. We asked her about the feedback that she’s been receiving on the track, “Oh! It’s overwhelming. I’m surprised with the kind of love and affection that the viewers have been showering on me. My DM section is flooding with beautiful messages. I feel so blessed. I’ve developed a habit of thanking God daily in the morning for giving me a show like Udaariyaan and a character that is received so well by the viewers. Even in parks or other public places, people have started to recognize me as ‘Simran Di’. People who’re elder to me also address me with that name and I have no qualms about it. I’m enjoying every bit of it”.

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We asked Chetna about her reaction when she heard the track, “Well, in daily soaps, the actors are not always aware of the script or shooting schedules. I got the confirmation of my shoot just a night before and I felt that I might have a scene with Tejo or Mahi or Amrik, but to my surprise, I had the scene with the entire Virk family. It was surely a pleasant surprise. I was shooting all this while with very less number people. Initially, I shot all alone for the video call scenes and I was overjoyed to shoot with the entire cast of the show. When we gathered for scene readings, I was just so happy that I kept looking at all of them. The cast of the show has been very supportive and they really helped me out with the scene. The scene came out to be so good. I am super happy”.

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