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I don’t like the fan wars between FaTejo and JasFa fans: Virsa Singh Riar aka Buzo of ‘Udaariyaan’

Here’s what Virsa aka Buzo of ‘Udaariyaan’ has to say about his take on fan wars between FaTejo and JasFa fans.

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Virsa, Priyanka and Ankit

Courtesy : Virsa's Instagram

Colors’ show ‘Udaariyaan’ has been getting rave reviews from the fans. The current track of the show revolves around Virk family being against Fateh and Jasmine’s relationship. Khushbeer has requested Tejo to return to Virk house. Tejo has agreed for the same leaving Fateh and Jasmine highly disappointed.

Recently, the show revolved around Fateh’s confusion regarding his feelings for Jasmine and Tejo. He ended up getting a misunderstanding about Tejo having an affair with Buzo which made him decide that he want to be with Jasmine only. All this while, the social media was abuzz with fan wars between Fateh-Tejo (FaTejo) and Jasmine- Fateh (JasFa) fans. 

India Forums got in touch with actor Virsa Singh Riar who plays the character of Buzo in the show. We asked the actor about his views on the fan wars that often takes place on social media, he said, “Honestly, it’s not a very good thing to happen. We understand the sentiments and attachments of the audience for their favorite characters, but I’ve seen at times a lot of hatred is spilled out, which I don’t really support. I feel, fans can support their favorite pair, but demeaning the other couple or actors isn’t cool. I read what a few fans write on social media, and I don’t like the negativity that these fan wars create. I would request the fans to not fight and keep showering the love on our show”.

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When asked about whom he supports (FaTejo or JasFa), he said, “Well, that’s quite a difficult question. I like both the pairings. Both the couples have been established quite well on the show and it’s very difficult for me to chose one. I love them both”.

What are your views on the current track of ‘Udaariyaan’? Hit the comment section below.

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Guneet80 8 days ago Shut the hell up
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janecastle 9 days ago People need to realize that Jasfa are nothing but two cheaters, who destroyed Tejo's life for their own selfishness. There is no comparison between the two pairs. Both couples are well developed.. good joke Virsa.
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FieryLioness 9 days ago Plz IF take Priyanka aka Tejo's interview....
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FieryLioness 9 days ago Not done virsa bro ...
Fatejo nd jasfa hv no comparison... jasfa koi couple nahi hai ... extra marital affair ko love keh ke dikha rahe ho ... such a bad example 👎
Reply thumbs-up 8 thumbs-down 0
FIREMYSOUL 9 days ago Virsa veere aap se ye umeed na thi. Example set karna chahiyda ae ki kitta. Fiction ke naam pe lines cross kar raha hai show and effecting youngsters in a bad way. Channel and PH tho glorify kar rahe hai but atleast actors should be honest man. Kids seem to blindly follow their idols and think it's real. Not done praa.
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RadiantSpark 9 days ago He was right about fan wars. There is no problem in having opinions or like or hate towards a fictional character, but the hatred for the actors is disappointing and is also immature and disgusting. They should know to differentiate Ankit and Fateh otherwise they'll go hyper for even silly things just like how some fan gave suicide threat since they are ending guru-shishya romantic show. ITV fandoms need to keep themselves sane. But Virsa's statement on well developed pairs is foolish. Jasfa is never a developed couple and regarding Fatejo, yes it was but not anymore.
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avanisharma12 9 days ago why do they even have fan wars lmao the guy is shit ....
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ShanUlas 9 days ago I have no words. Now even vamps like Jasmine have followers and a disgusting character like Fateh is sought upon for a good girl like Tejo!
And people like you come and say both Fatejo and Jasfa are great ! Rather then accepting the fact that Fateh is disgusting and Jasmene is crossing ethical lines !
Man even Ankit , Priyanka and Isha know what crap they are playing
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