It's Purbi Joshi V/s Shruti Seth...

Purbi Joshi, host of Kaante Ki Takkar got a big surprise as Shruti Seth walked in and occupied centre stage as host...

This time on the sets of Kaante Ki Takkar the host, Purbi Joshi got a big surprise. While the actress was rehearsing her lines, she suddenly heard a voice and turned back to see the host of Comedy Circus, Shruti Seth.

“It was a pleasure to have Shruti on the sets of Kaante Ki Takkar. We had lots of fun during the shoot,” says Purbi.
Shruti suddenly entered with a sharp loud voice stating that 'Main tumhari naukari lene aa gayi hoon'. (I’m here to take your job). Instead of greeting everyone with the usual pleasantries of hi or a hello, Shruti was all geared up and more than willing to conquer the stage. Shruti was there to perform an act with Juhi Parmar where she was pulling Purbi's leg.

“It was a very funny act performed by Juhi and Shruti. Later on even I joined them and was going crazy with the act. Archanaji was very excited to see three ladies performing a stand up comedy,” adds the host.

Though Purbi was happy to see Shruti and the two exchanged a warm hug, there was some real takkar between the two hosts!!!

Stay tuned to catch more of the act this Saturday, December 20 at 10.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Juhi Parmar

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Shruti Seth

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Purbi Joshi

Comments (10)

shruti is a very good host..

14 years ago

awww i wantt shurti backk.. she was sooo greatt..i love her rather than purbi''s non-orignality..its like she imiating someone all the time..

15 years ago

shruti is much much better than ..this ghosttttt

15 years ago

I personally think Shruti''s a better hostess!:)

15 years ago

thnk u! .... gotta wait for the videos to see the takkar =P

15 years ago


thanks for this

nice to see juhi on the show again

i am sure all 3 will come up with a great comic act.


15 years ago

oh wohhh juhi is coming in katte ki takkar again
nice to see funny act performed by juhi & shruti
can''t wait to watch d epyyy

15 years ago

shruti is soo sweet i like her very much as a host and specielly at comedy circus i wnat her baack mwahhh...

15 years ago

Had seen the preview. Can''t wait to watch the epi!

15 years ago

thanks a lot for sharing! These two actresses have been doing great jobs in their respective shows, Purbi was fabulous in Dishayen and Shruti was too good in Shararat:-)

15 years ago

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