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It's Kauravas V/s Pandavas clash in Babul...

The true face of Vikas Sethi who pretends to be Swayam is revealed. And a battle is on cards, as he brings his entire family into Aastha's house.. Get to know the new characters entering the show..

Published: Wednesday,Jan 14, 2009 12:51 PM GMT-07:00
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Sony’s Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa is going to see some high drama in the coming weeks!!

Its Kauravas V/s Pandavas clash in Babul...
As per the present story track, Vikas Sethi has entered the show as Swayam with a new face, courtesy a plastic surgery. But Aastha (Aastha Choudhury) has been really suspicious about his identity, and aims to uncover the truth.

However, all goes topsy-turvy when the new Swayam brings his entire family into Swayam’s mansion.

According to our source, “Vikas Sethi aka Swayam is not the real Swayam at all, and he eventually shows his colors as he brings his entire family into Aastha’s house”.

Vikas Sethi is actually the 1st grandson of the Gehlot family, and his name is Skanda Kumar Gehlot. The Gehlot family will comprise of dadima, her son and daughter-in-law and four grown-up grandsons and one grand-daughter. While the first grandson is Skanda(Vikas Sethi), the second grandson is Kavya who is very violent in nature. Kavya is married to Narmada who will later be an aid of Aastha in her struggle. The 3rd grandson is Bejoo who is mentally and physically weak, but Aastha will go on to be his support system later on. The youngest grandson is Karthikeya who is brilliant in studies and is Krishna himself born in the Kaurava clan. The only grand daughter in the family Suvarna is a complete grey shade, who is a helping hand to Skanda and dadima in their evil plans”, explains our source.

However, how and why did Skanda pretend to be Swayam?? “Well, it was Saksham who hatches a plan with Skanda for property, and gets him into the house as Swayam. But Skanda along with his dadima has bigger plans in mind, and they also have a bad past which they have come to avenge”, adds our source.

We talked to Producer, Ratna Sinha to know more on the characters and actors playing the Gehlot family. “It is true that we are introducing 8 new characters who will come in as Vikas Sethi’s family. It is now going to be a big battle between the two families, on the lines of Kauravas V/s Pandavas. While Aastha is the sole fighter in her family, she will have her task cut out as she faces Skanda, who is the Duryodhan of his family. The track ahead will see some interesting twists and turns brought about with the arrival of this family, who also have a past connection with Aastha’s sasuraal”.

On the actors being introduced now, Ratna states “All the eight characters are new to the industry. We did not want to go with popular names. So you will have to wait and watch to know more on this”.

We tried calling Vikas Sethi to talk to him about the new twist in his character, but he was unavailable for comments.

Well, with the battle lines drawn, this new age Kauravas- Pandavas fight surely looks interesting!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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binsanqoor @binsanqoor 14 years ago Babul not worked due to Rahil it worked because people liked the chemistry between SHUBH N ASTHA the rating were high because people thought that rahil may seperate Shubh N Astha every one were eager to know that when they will come to geather

Secondly no one left the forum after swayam death but people left the forum after shubh death .

IF you are Rahil fan than you dont have right to write any wrong thing about our stars it is every one personal choice you have no write to point any one choice and i think there is NO ONE EXEPT YOU WHO FAVOURS RAHIL...............WE ALL ARE SHUBH FAN AND WE WILL START SEEING THE SERIAL IF SHUBH ENTERS OTHERWISE WE HAVE ALLREADY QUITED WE DONT HAVE ANY INTREST IN WHAT GOING TO HAPEN AND WHAT IS HAPPENING?
Ratna also knows that his TRP are falling so because of that only we are getting return updates before the episode is on air you can chek in the forum she also wants that his viewer should come back but no one is intrested in what is happening only we are waiting for shubh re-entry

pls dont write such a big Easy on Rahil it ocuppies a lot of space and no one either read it.....
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Private -- Sonu is my petname .. @Sonu_usa 14 years ago The Babul Forum was dull b4 Rahil came in ... got full with Swayam''s Entry & dulled with his exit ..

They all left the forum after Swayam''s death ..they always do that..

only -- 5 ppl were there ..2 members & 3 moderators or maybe all were moderators who are responsible for promotion of the Forum.. creating posts..

Why didn''t these girls support Sid & Astha ..Where were they .. after Rahil''s Exit ..
The moment they heard Swayam''s Return ..they came back ..again

They follow Rahil Azam in all his shows support his co-star..the moment he exits ..they dump the other co-star & walk away.. I do not understand this habitat..

Why this is happening is a Mystery..
I did a lot of thinking ..But ..I''m happy with all these girls..for one thing..at least they are pulling Trps ..

These girls have no interest in the show..
They are getting ready for Seeta & Geeta ..that is why they are in a hurry to close this show....will come in a diff name..phir se shuroo ho jayenge ..cezanne ..cezanne ..trying to mislead the show..

They have the right to .. do..Say ..Write within legal guidelines ..they can''t be controlled..it is a public Forum .. blending of multiple culture & habits..countries..
India Forum cannot be held responsible ..to manage them.. that would be illegal..

Planning scripts with wisdom & intelligence with proper casting is the way to Success ..
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tulipbaby53 @tulipbaby53 14 years ago why is this show still on air?!! UGHHH!!!
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(: @iiHEARTyu-x0 14 years ago that guy is hot hahaa
vikas sethi lol
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miggie @miggie 14 years ago i stop watching after shubh left the show, this is so stupid
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Esha @eshaaax3. 14 years ago wtf?
excuse my language
but what ius going on???????????
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Hetal @ibelieveinpink 14 years ago Wow, what the hell is happening to Babul!
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rgaina @rgaina 14 years ago what has the name of the serial :BKACN got to do with the storyline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Payal Patel @Payal25 14 years ago I think this is going to get confusing :S
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asmaanixx @asmaanixx 14 years ago sounds pretty interesting
I guess I''ll have to watch it to know what''s really happening.
I hope the new 8 characters are good! :P
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