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Italian is my most preferred cuisine : Aneri Vajani

Pretty actress Aneri Vajani who is loved as Nisha in Star Plus' popular show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is a big time food lover.

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As we know that our TV celebs are very much conscious about their figure, but they never miss a chance to have lots and lots of food whenever they get a chance. Our Telly celebs love to be known as a foodie. One such big time food lover is this bubbly girl Aneri Vajani who is seen essaying the character of Nisha in Star Plus' show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins.

Let's see what are Aneri's likes and dislikes...

Are you a foodie?

Yes totally.

Which is your most preferred cuisine?


Your favorite mouth-watering dish?

Pasta and Pani Puri.

Which restaurant do you prefer the most?

For Chinese-Mainland China and for Italian- Olive Bar and Kitchen.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

Not really! When I cook for myself I go in the kitchen.

What is your most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

It is a happy moment for me and my friend was preparing a toast sandwich which turned out be very tasty.

Which is your favorite quick cheap healthy meal?

Peri Peri French fries from Mc Donald's.

If you have to take a celebrity on a dinner date, who would it be?

Salman Khan.

Aakruti Damani

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armc_66 9 years ago congrats saif ali khan:):)2011-11-03 23:17:55
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Tereliye06 9 years ago I love how everyone is bashing...any who remember he JUST became a Nawab so I'm guessing it's OKAY if he did all the things in the past...I guess now he has to be more careful as to how he makes decisions in his life..anyways in Islam its okay to marry 4 times..and Kareena is going to convert so she can marry him which I think it's just for the sake of getting'll be a shame for all the Muslims ...which I think is okay cause everyone knows that non of the Khans in Bollywood actually follow Islam thoroughly they all celebrate Eid and Ramadan so they don't lose there Muslim fans...
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a668837 9 years ago This content is hidden.
Marybarton 9 years ago Well, I sure hope this means that he will keep to his native state more often now, take better care of his people rather than basking in the luxury of it's wealth and enjoy it only in vacations with Kareena. A real nawab does not do drugs, elope, or live-in relationships with different women when he has children to set examples for. But he has done all of the above. It's high time to learn some responsibility.
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.Vrish. 9 years ago How is it a responsibility @ all? If there are problems in that place, people would approach their MP or MLA, certainly not the Pataudis. It may have been a responsibility when they were real nawabs. But it's certainly not a responsibility now.

Given how meaningless this title now is, why can't Begum Aisha just let go?
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-Purva- 9 years ago Nawabs don't leave their wife and children to starve and run off with all the money to the latest figure in size zero. Responsibility to villagers apart this man could not even fulfill his responsibilities to his own children.
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Mohini19 9 years ago the title of foot. His deeds don't testify to the title and he clearly doesn't deserve it. I don't know how many of you saw his and Kareena's latest appearance on KWK. I was simply disgusted at one comment of his where he said "I am GODZILLA in the size department". Really dude, get a life. Nawabs don't go around acting like such a douche bag.2011-11-02 13:28:18
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sunandshine 9 years ago Dude, titles do not come easyTongue..Hope he behaves like one, and is just as classy as MAK Pataudi was.
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Shaina_b 9 years ago Congrats Saif!!!!

Carry forward the legacy well!!!!

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rani-lucki 9 years ago congrats saif :-)
u n kareena look royal together
hope u have a maharaja wedding :-)
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