It took me two hours to don this look - Aditi Sajwan

Actress Aditi Sajwan, talks about her bridal look, wearing jewelry and more with us...

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It is always appealing to watch marriage in shows and more fascinating to watch actresses donning the bridal attires.

Well, the marriage sequence on Disney Channel's Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo, will be a unique to watch, as the to be bride Shammi (Aditi Sajwan), talks about her bridal look, the funny marriage sequence and more...

Aditi is happy to dress up in the bridal avatar and says that she has donned a traditional look on the show, "Yes, I have donned a traditional North Indian look for the show Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo. I am wearing Ghagra Choli embellished with zardosi work. I am wearing a heavy necklace and matching accessories with the attire. I just loved my bridal look on the show."

How long did you take to get ready? She answers, "It took me two hours to don this look, but once I was ready as a bride, I felt great. You always feel special in a bridal look as everyone compliments and want to take a snap with you."

"I wont deny that my dress is heavy, its difficult to shoot with such costumes. However, I managed it because I am used to it. In my bridal look, nose ring was the heaviest. Its was painful to wear that for long time," says Aditi who had a tough time shooting with the heavy dress.

"It was fun shooting for the marriage sequence and over the time we all have become good friends hence, it always enriching to work. It was reverse for this sequence as my husband, essayed by Ashu Sharma cries during my Bidaai," she concludes.

Phalguni Sharma

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Az07 6 years ago Aditi is looking so pretty in this bridal attire
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soumya85 9 years ago who cares he is his son and suppose to do it... what's the big deal about it?
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Nikhi. 9 years ago With all due respect, why are there so many articles regarding this?

Don't get me wrong - of course I want him to always be healthy and well! But I do feel that there are far too many (sometimes unnecessary) articles on the Bachchans.
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Raisa- 9 years ago no body cares!! the bachans are freaking annoying!! grrr! -__-
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ninag 9 years ago Well maybe if he wasnt so attention seeking blogging about the abdo pain and hospital visit, then the media wouldn't have come. Publicity seeking idiot.
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Intrepida 9 years ago Please get better! you have so much more to do!!2012-04-10 07:07:50
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