'It is like finding diamonds from coal mines' - Ganesh Acharya

Ganesh Acharya, the choreographer cum director on his experience as a judge in Gini & Jony Chak De Bachche on 9X...

Ace choreographer cum director Ganesh Acharya makes his debut on television as the judge of GINI & JONY CHAK DE BACHCHE on 9X, the song-n-dance reality show that airs every Friday & Saturday at 9pm. We asked him about his experience and here's what he has to share……

How do you feel about the show GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche on 9X?
It is a very different show with both singing, dancing and kids who are the future of the country are really doing well! When I was given this offer I had a completely different mind set, I assumed it would be easy to judge kids, however when I saw the talent and their skills I was totally amazed. Believe me, in terms of talent and dancing skills these kids overcome adults any day. Kids just need bit of polishing and tweaking and they will be all set to rule this industry!

What do you think is the biggest USP of the show?
Ganesh Acharya (laughs). Just Kidding. According to me, the biggest USP is providing kids from the small towns such a huge platform to showcase their talent. Usually what happen is kids in the cities spend a lot of moolah in learning dance from renowned teachers, in turn these classes give them an opportunity to come up. I think 9X has done a superb job of finding hidden talents from the remotest corner of the nation, its like finding diamonds from the coal mine. Hats off to 9X!!!

You must have received various offers for a reality show, why did you prefer GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche?
The future of the country are these bunch of talented kids and judging and interacting with them would be an honor, thus I was very much interested in the show. Also if you go to see today's children are tomorrow's future, it is very important that talent is scooped out at such a nascent age. I am proud to be a part of such a process which is helping in nation building, atleast in someway.

Your opinion about the talent of big town and small town?
Art is born out of anywhere thus, rural or urban upbringing does not make any difference. Talent is prevalent at all places, it is important to spot it and talent shows like GINI & JONY Chak de Bachche help in picking up the right person from the clutter.

How do you think the show which has small and big town children will be perceived by the audience?
Oh they will enjoy it! People would love to see the small and big town kids on the same platform and this would definitely curb certain stubborn notions like big town kids are smarter than the small town kids.

What is your comment on the Kids from the age between 8 -14 yrs being a part of GINI & JONY Chak De Bache?
It is a right age to harness one's talent! Thus GINI & JONY Chak De Bachche will provide these kids with the right platform to express their talent! Also kids in this age group can be easily molded into better individuals and that's the best part of being associated with kids talent hunt as these kids would take your suggestion seriously and try to inculcate unlike the adults.

Is there any thing else you would like to add about the show?
Firstly, I appreciate 9X for introducing such a great talent hunt show. We are overwhelmed with the kind of response we are receiving from the audience and we look forward to entertain them more with our rocking show.

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Comments (1)

well.. to be honest there is nothing new in the concept of this show and secondly it ISN'T a different show..

all these channels be it 9X or star or sony are copying zee's sa re ga ma pa

i believe sa re gama pa was the first music contest on TV, followed by indian idol, star voice of india et al.

zee then produced little champs, and star wasted not time in putting forward chote ustad.

so in my opinion there is nothing new and different about these music and dance based reality shows.

Zee has just produced Rock and Roll family and very soon we'll be seeing something similar on Star or one of the other channels.

i hate star plus for copying others and then coming out on the top.

15 years ago

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