Geetanshi Lamba on the preparation she did for Mission Raniganj: Watched a lot of videos of coal mine workers

Geetanshi Lamba recently opened up on the preprations for Mission Raniganj.

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Geetanshi Lamba

Actress Geetanshi Lamba charmed the audience with her stellar acting prowess in the film Mission Raniganj, based on the Raniganj Coalfields collapse of 1989 in West Bengal. The actress played an important part in the film and gave the audience testimony of her hard work and versatility. Recently, while talking to us, the actress shared details about her character, the preparation she did and feedback.

Firstly, talking about her character, Geetanshi says,”I played Rekha in the film, a girl who belonged to a rural background and an underprivileged family. Her happiness of getting married turns into a bundle of sorrows when, one night before her wedding, her father gets stuck inside a mine. Being a daughter, she gets worried about her father.”

When asked about the preparation she did to get into the skin of the character, Geetanshi says,”Well, I watched a lot of videos of coal mine workers and their families. While watching the videos, I imagined what my relationship with my father would be like. I also focused on the display of the emotions of my character, because I wanted to make sure that the agony should look authentic and relatable.”

She lastly adds,”Also, I did some homework on finding the mannerisms of a village girl. There is not much dialogue for Rekha, but in a lot of places she is present, so if, as an actor, I am even standing or listening to another character, apart from my costume, which, of course, is on point, there must be something going on in my body. So just that, to be rural and not urban at all, was a small challenge for me.”

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