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'It is a show which is very apt for today's viewers' - Pariva Pranati

Pariva Pranati has bagged the role of a cop in Sony's new serial, Salaam Zindgi. Here is the actress talking about her role in the serial and much more..

Published: Thursday,Dec 06, 2007 10:05 AM GMT-07:00
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The cute girl next door, Pariva Pranati is ready to do something which most girls don't even think about i.e. becoming a cop in SET's upcoming daily show Salaam Zindgi. Telly Buzz caught up with this daughter of an air force pilot for a brief on the show and her career in general.

What attracted you towards Salaam Zindgi?

It's a show which is very apt for today’s viewers, a show where young girls learn to successfully balance both professional life and life at home. A plus point is that my dad will love to see me clad in a uniform.

Your physique is nowhere near to a police woman, what is your take on it?

You bet! At first when people around me heard about my role, they said the same thing and had a hearty laugh. The talk around was that I look too puny to play a cop. But when they heard the concept that I become a cop to please my heartbroken grandfather, they understood.

Did you watch police movies or shows like Udaan and Tejawani to get pointers?

No, I believe that if I impersonate any one, I will loose my originality. We have had a thorough briefing and that is enough for me. But yes, whenever I see a female cop, I study her from top to toe to see her mannerism and dressing style, which I incorporate as and when necessary.

Will you be a hard cop?

No, I will be a sweet cop. Police personnel are also human. It is just because of their interaction with wrong people, that they have to act hard, and women generally are softer by nature. Don't all police woman become house wives, when they return home from duty?

What went wrong with your Prithviraj Chauhan role?

The production house was not sure when my role will start, for then Rajat Tokas's track was going great, hence I decided to opt out. I have a family to take care of. Luckily the producing house understood my problem and eased me out.

Talk us through your roles.

My character in Bhabhi was completely different to my Saathii Re role. Similarly this new show will see me in a complete contrast avatar than Viruddh.

Since you are well versed in both Indian and western dance forms, will you take up reality shows in the near future?

Why not, Jhalak and Nach Baliye really rocks.

Nach Baliye, so you have a balliye, who is he?

There is somebody, but I will reveal everything when the time is right.

Is your Virrudh character over?

Sandhya has left home as she has brain tumor. Whether she comes back or not is an open question, which the creative team will have to answer.

Don't you think you did not get enough screen space in the above show?

Just working with great stars like Smriti Irani and Vikram Gokhale was good enough for me. Achint Mam really helped me a lot. I and Karan (Mehra ) have a give and take relationship in terms of acting tips.

What next?

I have shot for Deepti Bhatnagar's Shaadi Street , unfortunately I have no clue when this Star Plus show will air. It was blast shooting for this show as I acted as a stylish girl in it.

Author: Anil Merani

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