"It felt like the right opportunity for me" - Shefali Jariwala on TV debut with 'Shaitani Rasmein'

Shefali Jariwala, 'Kata Laga' sensation, ventures into Television with 'Shaitani Rasmein' on Star Bharat.

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Shefali Jariwala

Shefali Jariwala, the famed personality behind the iconic 'Kata Laga' music video, is all set to make her mark on television with Star Bharat's forthcoming show, 'Shaitani Rasmein.' In a candid statement, Shefali discusses her television debut and the excitement surrounding this unique project produced by Triangle Film Company.

Recognized for her unforgettable role in 'Kata Laga,' Shefali Jariwala has been a trendsetter in the entertainment industry. Now, she embraces a new challenge, bringing her talent to the small screen with 'Shaitani Rasmein.' Produced by Triangle Film Company, this thrilling wedding fantasy promises a fresh take on television narratives with its innovative storyline and supernatural elements.

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In discussing her decision to enter the world of television, Shefali shares, "I believe I was too temperamental to consider television roles before. I couldn't connect with the monotony of television show storylines and concepts. However, when I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of 'Shaitani Rasmein,' I knew I had to say yes. It felt like the right opportunity for me to explore television because it offers a very different concept. The intriguing storyline made me hungry as an artist, and it's exactly what I've been waiting for."

'Shaitani Rasmein' is set to redefine television narratives, and Shefali Jariwala's inclusion adds an exciting dimension to the much-anticipated show. Stay tuned for the grand premiere on Star Bharat, where Shefali's charisma and unique storyline promise an enthralling viewing experience.

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