Shefali Jariwala discusses her debut in "Shaitani Rasmein," sharing insights into her role

Shefali Jariwala candidly discussed her role in "Shaitani Rasmein," her approach to selecting projects, and the unique elements that drew her to this thriller.

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Shefali Jariwala

Shefali Jariwala's much-anticipated debut show, "Shaitani Rasmein," is on the brink of its launch, and the actress recently opened up in a conversation with one of the leading portals. She candidly discussed her role, approach to selecting projects, and the unique elements that drew her to this thriller.

According to Shefali, every show aspect met her criteria - from the compelling storyline to the innovative concept and her character's significance. She admired the channel, commended its excellence, and praised the production house for delivering several hit shows in the past. Intrigued by the magic the thriller genre creates, she was determined to make her TV debut with a solid and impactful role.

In the television world, Shefali acknowledged viewers' diverse preferences, emphasizing the loyalty some have to specific genres. With "Shaitani Rasmein," she believes the combination of impressive VFX, art, editing, and the thrilling storyline will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. With its eerie vibe, the specially curated background music is expected to add another layer of engagement, setting the show apart and potentially establishing a new benchmark in content.

Reflecting on her character, Kapalika, Shefali stressed the importance of a meaningful role in the storyline. She expressed her disdain for being a mere presence on screen for a few scenes and a paycheck. Kapalika, with its magical essence, allowed Shefali to immerse herself in the role, describing it as a transformative experience. The show, in her words, has been a platform for personal and professional growth, where she finds excitement and intrigue in portraying different scenes daily.

Shefali Jariwala

The preparation for the show involved extensive workshops after Shefali signed on in September. These workshops aimed to deepen the understanding of the characters and their contributions to the overall storyline. The learning process encompassed various aspects, including stunts, new skills, and mannerisms. To embody the fearless quality required for Kapalika's character, Shefali embraced it not just on screen but also in her personal life. Living with the character for an extended period, she emphasized the importance of feeling and internalizing the role to ensure a compelling portrayal on screen.

Despite the anticipation and hard work invested in the show, Shefali expressed no nervousness. Instead, she radiated positivity and hope, confident that the audience would appreciate the dedication, effort, and growth reflected in their performances. As she diligently gives her 100% to the project, she remains optimistic that the audience will recognize the blood, sweat, and hard work that went into bringing "Shaitani Rasmein" to life.

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