Iss Jungle bids goodbye to...

Yet another girl gets eliminated from Sony's Iss Jungle tonight. Get to know details right here..

The girls out there at the jungles of Malaysia in Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Batao are struggling to survive the heat of elimination, while it is the men folk who are having a merry time on every Friday (the day of elimination). For the uninitiated, barring IshQ Bector and Mika, the other eliminations in the show so far have been of girls!!

According to our source, "This week, it is the turn of yet another wild card entrant, Chitrashi Rawat to get eliminated. The chocolate boy Jay Bhanushali found himself in the danger zone for the second consecutive week, but managed to outscore Chitrashi in the Maha Jungle Challenge".

Chak De India fame Chitrashi was one of those contestants who were treated badly by Mika. This marks the end of the girl's tenure in the jungles..

The elimination episode of Chitrashi Rawat will be aired tonight, August 21st at 9 PM on Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Chitrashi Rawat

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Comments (16)

akaash and chetan should be out!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

14 years ago

i also feel the show is scripted earlier bcz how can jay be at bottom 2 for 2 consecutive weeks and im sure they will not let him to eliminate for sum more weeks as he is the highest trp getter (according to me) for this show

14 years ago

Akkash shouldn't be the leader, Mona should!!
who the hell do marc and chetan think of themselves???
chitrashi and anaida play fair!!
Jay is ummmm ok ok
kashmira uggh no comments.......................................

14 years ago

noooooooooooooooooooooooo she was my fav!!!!:(

who votes for tht akash?!:@:@:@:@

14 years ago

how many gurls are getting out? and im surprised those two were in the bottom...they always do good in their challenges

14 years ago

OMGG!!!!!!!!.......jay again in da bottom?????.......u noe wat....i'll juss waste my time being madd abt dis cz since we all noe da creatives dnt luk at da voting system..thts juss 2 say it 2 da world....instead dey luk at ppl tht mke da show recive high trp ratings which we all noe is nt jay cz hez nt playing any games n is minding his own business......i am sure jay is getting votes but dese ppl dnt wnt him 2 stay in da competiton n iam also sure tht next dey will kick him out......=[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[..nt at all happy abt it!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

So typical and expected....Indian junta always vote out the women...such misogynists! Also Sony is manipulating the results, how can Marc get votes everytime? Nobody knows him!
Akash confessed he has arranged for ppl to vote for him! Hes a rude, uncouth, abusive guy and shd be voted out! God knows why ppl are voting for him, probably they love his abuses towards all the female contestants.
He called Aman apahij and still is safe and little Chitrashi who is so nice and funny got eliminated....that is shocking!

14 years ago

thanks. i like her. i want akash to left

14 years ago

So that leaves two girls in the fray Anaida and Mona. Kashmira being just a guest and not a contestant.

14 years ago

i feel akash should be out...he is very rude...

14 years ago

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