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Is this a case of 'Grapes are Sour'?

Is this just a publicity stunt or was there really voting malpractice in Nach Baliye-3 finals? Star Plus spokesperson clears the issue on behalf of the Channel House..

Published: Wednesday,Dec 26, 2007 14:01 PM GMT-07:00
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The Third Season of Nach Baliye has ended, but the drama continues even now, after Rakhi Sawant lost the Finale to the more popular Jodi, Aamir Ali and Sanjeeda and staged a walkout after the result declaration. The issue did not end here, as Rakhi made an outburst before the media accusing the channel of having closed her voting lines 4 hours before the stipulated time of close. Rakhi left no stone unturned, and has also lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police against the entertainment channel Star Plus alleging malpractice in the voting process.

Is this a case of Grapes are Sour?
Star Plus in turn has rejected the charges of malpractice and called the whole fiasco as nothing but just a publicity stunt by Rakhi. They even refused to comment on the police case filed as claimed by Rakhi.

Mr. Keertan, Executive Vice-President & General Manager, Star Plus says, “Currently we have not received any communication either from Rakhi or from Police. We feel this is just a publicity stunt by Rakhi just like all other publicity stunts. We would not like to comment until we receive a clear communication.” Mr. Keertan also cleared the allegation of the faulty voting system saying, “We have not done anything of the sort. She is alleging lot of things, throwing a lot of allegations in the air, but where is the evidence to prove any of these allegations? Tomorrow anybody in the street can charge anything on anybody. Without any evidence or proof, you just cannot speak out.”

Seeing the manner in which the controversial star, Rakhi has gone all out, the channel feels that this is more of a case of a sour looser. “See, till she made it to the finals and other couples were getting eliminated, everything was right. So what happened now? Essentially we would say it’s a simple case of Grapes are sour theory”, says Mr. Keertan.

Success and failure comes hand in hand in all walks of life. But the main challenge lies in the way we accept defeat.. What say, folks?

Author: Barnali
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Pallavi @Pallavi6 15 years ago I do not know why people are after rakhi.how people no that she is lier.u r listinitg only one side.let police do there duty.we have no wrights to tell any wrong words to her.if she is not getting publick vote then how she survive up to final.she is famous in publick thats why she came upto final we must remember that
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Shaitaan Anu @diyafah 15 years ago Jeeezz!!!Rakhi,shud be happy 'coz it's just a matter of Rs 20 Lakhs,A car and a trophy.!!
AS will be famous now but err isn't Rakhi famous...?!
She can easily earn the amount of money from any live shows maybe in new year?She does have that much money to buy an amazing car!!
Oh My My..She bcame famous from Bigg Boss and now NB3,no one has got so much fame than you rakhi!!Be happy wid that!!
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da_mom @da_mom 15 years ago Tsk Tsk Rakhi, sour grapes doesnt quite cover what you are trying to pull. A media ploy to enhance her otherwise drab career seems more like it. Wouldnt be the first time a wannabe star has pulled a stunt like this.

She is getting the attention from the media and keeping her face in front of the camera..so if nothing else she has succeeded in that. She is the consumate actress as we all saw while watching NatchB3. Not a very good one but she did keep us entertained with a good laugh at her expense.

Truth be told, i really didnt think she was that good a dancer either. Abhisek was phenomenal however.

I say, ignore her and she will slink away back into the woodwork, or do us all a favour and retire.

The woman grates on my nerves..

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sweetncute @sweetncute 15 years ago 'sita11' how many times are u gonna salute the super guts of rakhi-abhishek for taking a daring step of fighting for the supposedly injustice done to them???????

These people r contradicting their own statements...every single day rakhi comes up with some new allegations..first it was against the channel..then it was against AS...n now its against the bahu image..
this clearly indicates that TRUTH is far from her statements...
I guess she should think properly n come up with one best reason for the allegations..n stick to it.

She's really a sour loser..both of them infact--rakhi n abhishek...otherwise they wouldn't have dome all this drama..inturn they would have accpeted their defeat n taken their runners up trophy.
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Tara_K @Tara_K 15 years ago God man what a looser,she's acting like she's the only one who worked hard nd that AS werent worthy opponents.She desperately needs to get her head checked
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griffy.fz @griffy.fz 15 years ago yh
the manner in which she did when she lost wa stoo much according to me....yh a publicity stunt
anywyas those rae my views no offence
good article
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Iqra @Mrs.SalmanKhan 15 years ago jeez. Rakhi needs so shove it up.
aamir & sanjeeda <3 ! !
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jessi @Jessuu 15 years ago omg rakhi you are such a liar..can u not take the defeat..suck it up.

Go amir-sanjeeda <3!
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zana456 @zana456 15 years ago well defeat is sour, but she has to take it coz in my view i watched every episode and i loved the winners performance and they were playing so clean, no comments or controversies
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago she's just a sore loser and wants publicity...
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