Is Sehban Azim Ready to Be a DAD?

Will he be a good pa?

Babies are a little bundle of joy and they light up the atmosphere with their chuckles and innocence! The cast of Zee TV's show Tujhse Hai Raabta cannot stop gushing over the new baby on board and are developing a strong bond with him! Fondly known as Pihu in the show (played by baby Arzaan Sheikh), the kid is Malhar Rane's son and is set to bring a lot of twists and turns as the story progresses.
While Sehban and baby Arzaan share a cute chemistry on-screen, Sehban reveals that he is completely in awe of the baby. This is the first time that Sehban is playing a father on television and he is thoroughly enjoying his company. In fact, the actor feels that he can be a perfect single father!

He said "It is a beautiful experience to hold a baby in your arms, especially when he looks at you and gives a smile. I am quite confident that I am more father-ready than husband-ready. I can do all household chores like cooking, washing dishes and cleaning fairly well and I can also take care of a kid. I have raised my brothers and my mother taught me well to do all of it." Speaking about his off-screen bond with Arzaan he said, "Reem and I scheme to have our me times' with the baby on the sets. We also have this little  inside joke wherein we say that Reem herself is a kid but quite efficiently handles a kid."

Well, now we know the softer side of the otherwise tough cop Malhar and we are glad!

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Sehban Azim Tujhse Hai Raabta  Zee TV 

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SONAL30 2018-12-06T10:24:06Z His name is Pillu not pihu
Baby is so cute...on raabta set everyone loves him
Sehban Azim is doing great as malhar2018-12-06 10:25:09
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