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Is Old Gold Anymore?

Why are some television actors who we loved and cherished not on the tube anymore?

Published: Wednesday,Sep 16, 2009 20:14 PM GMT-06:00
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Is Old Gold Anymore?

Sometimes we wonder where have all our favorite actors gone.!! We wonder what is stopping them from taking up offers. Is it the true want for new faces in the television industry? Or is it the recession that drives people to go for new faces as obviously they can be paid less?

Wondering what's going on anyways....

Telly Buzz tries to figure it all out as it asks well known actors who no longer are active in the small screen industry. Their answers give us an insider's point of view leaving little to the imagination.

Parivaa Pranati who we all saw in Sony's Salaam Zindagi and Zee's Vivaah feels, "I don't find any negative thing in the present situation, but what bothers me is that nowadays even if you have done one show, you are considered old in this industry. It sounds funny but it's true. I think it is a temporary trend and eventually they will need good actors."

We may think it's the freshness of one's face that's a factor, but Aastha Chaudhury who was seen in Sony's Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa lets us think otherwise. She says, "Many times I was finalized for a role and then didn't get it because of the budget."

Then there is Sumeet Sachdev aka Gautam Virani of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi who is away from the scene by his own choice. He says, "I was approached for some roles after Kyunki… concluded; but I got busy with my short films, so was not able to take up any role."

However its Abhay Vakil who was last seen in Zee's Teen Bahuraniyan who dares to spit it all out. He says, "People say there is recession, hence channels have cut budgets, therefore production houses want actors for mere 3000/- to 6000/- to play the leads and established ones with less than 10,000/-. But I ask where is recession? They are merely using these excuses to cut down the budgets and make low cost programs and shows. Plus with reality TV setting in, it adds to their advantage as well."

Abhay further lets us on into what he thinks is the true reason for such a situation to creep in. He says, "The established stars were demanding way too high a price between 40,000/- to 75,000/- per day; they were out of the line, which they shouldn't have. That also played a role in giving rise to over rating and over pricing. Obviously, any production would then want to go for new faces rather than the old ones."

Gurdeep Kohli whose last stint on television was in Zee's Kasamh Se too, speaks like a bold critic. She says, "The production houses are basically looking for newcomers and not experienced faces, because they don't have money to pay. However, the audience is not able to relate to the new faces at all. Guess we are in the phase of recession wherein they don't really have money to shell out. I think they will again fall back on the experienced faces when their banks accounts are full after casting new faces (smiles). They have to realize that the old actors do hold substance. If you see, not any show that boasts of newcomers is doing well. It's only the reality shows which are left open to experienced actors like me. But I prefer to stay far away from realities, and I also don't think many of my contemporaries will want to succumb to reality shows."

Gurdeep also talks about the deterioration in the standard of small screen in general. She says, "What are they showing us today? Agreed, we had an overdose of saas bahu drama earlier, but they have now taken us to the villages. We talk of maintaining international standards everywhere, and here is TV showing us the slums of the country, snake charmers, villagers in pain etc. I think the only thing we have not seen on TV yet is Mohenjadaro and Harappa civilization."

However, Daljit Kaur's words reflect positivity all the way even though it may seem  bit unrealistic in this given scenario. She says, "I think the phase of hiring fresh faces is gone now because the production houses have finally realized that they are more comfortable and successful by starring people who have faced the camera before...for the simple fact that from the first day of the show, the actor holds the audience by his/her acting confidence."

Chaitanya Choudhury who was last seen in Star Plus' Sangam also remains hopeful of the good days ahead and quips with confidence, "I think this is a trend which is  currently going on. As time will pass, we experienced actors will be coming back with a bang. It's just a matter of fact according to me."

Well, Telly Buzz also hopes that many such experienced faces who are lost in the oblivion will return with a bang sooner or later!!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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chahat4u @chahat4u 14 years ago I disagree with Gurdeep. What they are showing on television these days is much better than those only conpiracy-centred saas-bahu dramas!
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Sayeeda @SNBR 14 years ago Just acting in a serial does not mean old actor. Jatin Shah is a superb actor. But no more he is seen. Its Channels fault.We want Jatin Shah so please bring him soon,
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flandersmith @flandersmith 14 years ago u know right now i feel u r not entirely right becoz if old faces r dead n gone then there wudnt b any shah rukh salman n def not amitabh bachchan few fresh faces serials r running but they seriously lack d glamour n star power of old
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leavesandwaves @leavesandwaves 14 years ago Old actors like Gurdeep have had their day. Once they were also new. The newcomers are fantastic. Agley Janam girl and her so called husband, Akshara and Naitik, Choti Bahu actors, Bidaii actors, Balika Vadhu's cast(new ones), Bhgagyavidhaata, Laado all are rocking and are bringing fresh air. Who wants worn out oldies? The really talented ones like Smriti Irani, Kumkum heroine have reinvented themselves and proving their capabilities in their newer roles. So dont complain. Reinvent and join the gang. Even Ekta Kapoor always opts for fresh talent.
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Aarohi.. @Aarohi.. 14 years ago I luved kavyanjali to the core
n I still luv it
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shermish @shermish 14 years ago i miss panchi very much, please come back panchi
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parii2 @parii2 14 years ago i wish gurdeep comes on some show now...i wish to see her in big boss
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Kanu K @artizia 14 years ago She said once actors are seen in one show they are considered old.
now how about if the show goes on for 7 yrs , wouldnt taht really make the actors old.

plus i think the leap thing they adopt in the shows which portrays actors older than their age , it kind of establishes a mindset that audience kind of fail to relate to the younger avatar of the actor.

Some of the newcomers dont act well , but if they arent given chance how will they improve? I m not saying that we should be thrown all the crap dialogue delivery coz our time is at stake. But getting an actor to act well is a sort of responsibility on director as well.

just like in bollywood, the reknown actors sometimes act bad coz their best is not extracted.
or the directors just save their money by saving time , coz actors are paid on daily basis.

if its budget they should cut cost on excessive jewellery. I dont get the point of actresses wearing heavy jewllery in kitchen, open hair in the kitchen and wearing heals at home , i mean who does that in real life ? if they try to make shows more realistic, it should be a relief for actors too .
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Pooja @pooja_l 14 years ago I dont agree with Gurdeep....If the new shows shows us about the problems of village, low class people rahter than mini-skirts ladies then whats wrong in that...Slumdog Millionair a film-based on slums was of an international standard...But yes some new comes r not good but there r some who r very good and promising...so, Gurdeep think once again...International standard donot come only from wearing fashionable clothes and jewellery but from a good script, godd actors and well-based production houses...
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ohreally @ohreally 14 years ago I agree with Kshreya2002!
Somee new comers cant frecking acttt! OMGG they're sooo terrible for ie- tht dimple girl FROM KIT & Hum dono... '
AND Sara Khan...the girl cant act and her crying scenes always makes me LAUGGH!
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