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Is Naagin 3 Most 'it' Season of The Show?

Naagin 3 v/s Naagin's Previous Seasons: What was new and what was not


In 2015, Producer Ekta Kapoor launched the first edition of Naagin starring Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Arjun Bijlani and Sudha Chandran in lead roles on Colors TV. The superhit season 1 was followed with a season 2 that introduced actor Karanvir Bohra as one of the leads. The storyline followed a pure revenge and love drama, including the fight to protect the Naagmani. For which, Mouni Roy and Adaa Khan received immense accolade and appreciations for their portrayal of Naagins Shivanya/Shivangi and Shesha respectively.

In 2018, Ekta Kapoor launched third edition of the supernatural drama albeit with a different cast starring Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassanandani, Pearl V Puri, Rajat Tokas, Rakshanda Khan and Ankit Mohan. Following the legacy of the past two seasons, its third installment too, had a revenge drama. It also had several differences when compared to its previous seasons.

 Let’s break it down one by one.

Bela, a Naagin did not lose her powers even after consummating with Mahir, who is a human:

Those who have followed previous seasons will remember that Shivanya lost all her powers and became a normal human after establishing a sexual relationship with Ritik, who was a human being. This was a punishment she received on breaking the law of nature. Whereas in season 3 Bela not only consummates with Mahir but also gets pregnant, and never loses her powers.

The Naagrani Concept:

The first two seasons of Naagin did not have a mention of Naagrani or Naagraj. But the season 3 has highlighted Bela as the Naagrani and now in the finale week, the makers mentioned Shivangi as the Mahanaagrani, a thing that was a miss in Season 2.

Less Supernatural Creatures:

While the first two seasons experienced several supernatural creatures like icchadhari- peacock, mongoose, bull and flying snakes, Season 3 had an icchadhari vulture (Gidh) only. And not to forget, a chudail too.

Swayambhu Naag Haveli was an addition:

Apparently, the third installment of the Naagin drama has given huge importance to the Naag Haveli where all the icchadhari snakes reside. The point that we spotted here was the giant portraits of all the past and present Naagranis and Naagraajs. The haveli had no mention in the past seasons.

Limited Focus on Revenge?

While the show managed to garner top TRP positions but we feel the revenge drama was slightly toned down. Sumitra and her gang had killed Bela’s mother, but she was never seen in a spirit of seeking revenge from them. The focus was shifted to Hukum and Huzoor and the romance drama between Mahir and Bela.

Born Human, Shravani turns Naagin:

Bela and Mahir who were killed by Taamsee took re-birth as Shravani and Mihir respectively. Shravani who was born to human parents was a human by birth, turned a Naagin later on.

Mystical Sapera Had A Major Part to Play:

The first two seasons had few appearances of snake-charmers, while this season had an entirely dedicated track to a mystical snake-charmer, Shahnawaz.

This weekend will be Naagin 3's finale and the makers have brought Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Arjun Bijlani, Karanvir Bohra and Sudha Chandran back for this special episode. Meanwhile, the news of the fourth installment of the Naagin drama has hit the headlines and fans have higher expectations from it already.

As of now, for time being, Naagin 3 will be replaced by Kawach Mahashivratri.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in comments below...

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Shelly_392 3 months ago Stupid obnoxious show. LOL Ekta aur kitna girogi?
Priya258 5 months ago Season3 started with new characters new background so writer can make experiments with their writing. So in this season power loss thing wasn't there Writer have their own liberty to show what they can. If they apply same rule in every season all season will be same!!
Shaina_b 5 months ago Even Sumitra who had a kid Yuvi by Andy did not lose her powers!!! Seems like post Shivanya, naagins can marry and have kids by humans!!! Though it is never mentioned if Shivanya's friend and Rocky's other had lost her powers on marrying Rocky's dad!!!!
vinnas 5 months ago Best Written /Done Character in Failed Ns2 is Nag Rudra <3 #KinshukMahajan Who is Hero of The Season Overshadowed Every one But makers Given Abrupt End to His Character Which Made Show Waste Piece by Worst tracks n bakwas Lead Pair . NS1 is Perfect Any Time Having Balance Thrill Romance -Story Compare To All Seasons.
Riana31 5 months ago Season 1 was the best of all... Fresh story, fresh direction, good vfx of that time and Rivanya the most sexy couple of that time
Riana31 5 months ago Most third class season leaving behir i just disliked this season... The vfx level was too cheap and the drama turned so pink (cinematography)... Sumitra turning naagin was the worst and loopholes in so many places !!!
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