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Is it Fame a little too early?

Fame and Success, is it just too Early...What if our own little champ gets affected by Stardom?? Read on to find out more!!


Its been a few months since our little champs stole million of hearts and rocked the nation with their performances. Last season’s SaReGaMaPa finalists - Diwakar, Sameer and Sanchita are now Captains of Zee’s Titan Antakshri. At a very young age, these three child prodigies have achieved great heights all due their hard work. All of this attention and fame has certainly boosted the level of confidence among these champs and has opened many doors of opportunity for them.

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However, It seems that stardom has affected our little star - Sameer. Right from Sameer’s make-up man to the Hosts of the show, all were stunned to see Sameer taking undue advantage of everything. At a juvenile age, where most kids would feel shy to even converse, Sameer goes out of his way to speak his mind and make everyone dance to his tunes. Karan and Himani were astonished seeing the little kid interfere a lot while they host the show. This is not it, Sameer at times comments bluntly on everything that happens in the show.

Recently, Sameer, along with the other little champs worked on Asha Bhosleji’s music video - 'Asha and Friends'. Ashaji was startled when she saw the young boy throwing tantrums on the sets. She could not believe the level of overconfidence he had at such a young age.

With all this, It definitely looks like Sameer is all set to enter the aggravated world of Bollywood, but our advise to him would be - 'Enjoy being a kid till you can, as it’s a rough and tough world out there'.

Author : Hiral Anju Bhatt



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iqjaz 13 years ago he should be happy dat he is able 2 be on tv cuz there r alot of kids out there dat wannna be at his place..he shouldn't take advantage of dat!!
JattiTude 13 years ago may be thats why my father inspite of knowing that i can sing well and i have this talent..... he never decided to send me to that level as a kid.....(i always sang socially, at school or at family/friends level stages) but as i grew up, he never stopped me from participating anywhere..... he knew that if i would start young at that level of stage, stardom or fame may get into my head too...... thnx dad!!!!! after reading about this kid...... i feel that my father's decision was right....
sara zaman khan
sara zaman khan 13 years ago i think its should not be given stardom so may spoil them...because its still long way to go....and they need to learn a lot from elders...
Herman_4u 13 years ago u shouldn't be over confident at such a young age because u still gotta go further and prove more than what u have but if u'r already over confident i don't u could benefit from it much but could surely u could have so many disadvantages for being overconfident u should be confident but not overconfident. that's no good.
prithvi lover
prithvi lover 13 years ago ohhhhhh!!!!!i dun think thts true~ lil stars shud appreciate the lil love they get! example:Rajat tokas!
Tara_K 13 years ago well fame a bit too early can make a kid big headed and yes Sameer is way to over confident for a child his age
ejjaznme 13 years ago he try's to act like hess so famous but trust me i dont even like him llol he looks TOO young and trys to act TOO FAMOUS likes hes shah rukh khan hes hes really not good loooking
live_life 13 years ago the article's obviously lying, sameers a sweetheart evrybody knows that
cheeky_angel 13 years ago Not at all acceptable at this age..!! even i've noticed his behaviour on the set and waz quite shocked!!
Anastacia 13 years ago Not good at all, esp. at this age and stage.
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