Is future of Zee's Maayka in danger?

The TRP's of the long-running Zee show has not been good, and there are lots of questions been raised on whether the show will be able to continue post IPL...

After the recent closure of Zee's Kasamh Se and the narrow escape that Banno Main Teri Dulhann had, the latest buzz in telly dom is that one of the long running shows of Zee, Maayka produced by Creative Eye might be in the danger zone now!!

The show is of late giving low TRP's and there are chances of the show going off air.

According to our source, "The contract of the show gets over in June, and there is a question mark on whether they will get an extension or not, especially with many new shows lined up for launch post IPL on Zee TV. However, nothing has been confirmed on the dotted line about Maayka going off air".

As of now, the show has gone for a revamp and has gone back to the roots again, and is focusing more on the typical Punjabi flavor story line. "The story somewhere down the line lost its feel, so the decision on the revamp was taken. The leading ladies in the show have also been given a new look", explains our source.

"Another factor is the equal involvement of both the families in the story line. Earlier the track used to get shifted from one person to another, but now the creative team is seeing to it that all get their equal share", adds the source.

As the deadline of June nears, all efforts to give a push to the TRPs are being made. And the future track will focus on happiness being showered on both the families. "As of now, Mahi is pregnant but very soon, Soni will also be in the family way, and this will increase their joy double fold", concludes our source.

We tried calling Ajay Bhalwankar, Programming Head, Zee for his comment on this, but he was unavailable.

Only time can tell whether the revamps can give a new lease of life to the show or not!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (29)

i hope it doesnt end now...i''m loving kunal kapoor''s track...and he looks really only reason rt now for tuning into zee at 8.30.....

14 years ago

No no no no..Maayka Can''t Endd :(
I Love It
I Think Angad Should Come back..It Will Spice up The Drama ;)

14 years ago

out with the old and in with the new right? Thats the saying if Im not mistaken..? Old shows have done their job and they have to end some day. Maayka rocks..or rather..rocked..but now its time to end...Dulhaan should end soon as well..not yet cause things are on the loose end a bit..but maayka has basically tied all ends up..and its time for it too go...once dulhaan does too has to goo...kasam se didnt complete the story but i think it was best they ended it anyways..any who...its good..I think Zee needs to do some spring cleaning so to speak and throw the old out and bring the new in..

14 years ago

This show is boring I hope it ends soon

14 years ago

i don''t want maayka 2 go!

14 years ago

omg please nooooo i dont wantt maayka to end :(
this is not fairrr, i love Shahi <333

14 years ago

Oh no!
I love this show!!
What the heck is wrong with these people?!?!
God they need lives!!
Maayka rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

Oh god, finally! I mean, I''m tired of Soni being abused all the time.

14 years ago

Oh thank goodness...they should end this show and definitely Betiyaan too - they are such wastes of time slots.

14 years ago

no plz...i luv this show...plz dont end the show!!

14 years ago

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