Ira Khan opens up about genetic factors influencing her depression; mental health history on parents side

Ira Khan, the daughter of Bollywood luminary Aamir Khan, has candidly discussed her battle with depression in a recent interview.

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Aamir Khan and Ira Khan

Ira Khan, the daughter of Bollywood luminary Aamir Khan, has candidly discussed her battle with depression in a recent interview shedding light on her deeply personal journey. The young entrepreneur and mental health advocate revealed that while she attributes a portion of her depression to genetic factors, she also acknowledges the role of psychological and societal influences.

In the interview, Ira opened up about her upbringing and how her perception of emotions was shaped. She revealed that she grew up with the belief that being sad was a prerequisite for receiving love. "Depression is a little complicated. It is partly genetic, partly psychological, and social. In my case, it is partly genetic," she shared. Acknowledging her parents' history of mental health issues on both sides of the family, Ira recognized the intricate interplay of these factors in her own experiences.

Ira also touched on a significant event in her life – her parents' divorce. Aamir Khan and his first wife, Reena Dutta, parted ways amicably when Ira was quite young. While she doesn't hold them accountable for her depression, she acknowledged that her understanding of the situation was colored by her own perceptions at the time. "My therapist said that one of the trigger points was my parents, who handled their divorce as well as they could at that point," Ira stated ti ETimes

Despite the divorce being a relatively peaceful one, Ira confessed to internalizing a different narrative. She disclosed that she spent two decades believing that being melancholic was essential for garnering affection. She recounted how she inadvertently constructed this perspective during her formative years by observing movies and media. "So, I systematically made sure that I turned out to be a depressed person,” she admitted.

Ira's journey has taken her from these misconceptions to a place of advocacy and self-awareness. Over the years, she has been remarkably transparent about her mental health struggles. In addition to sharing her own experiences, she provides valuable insights and advice on managing mental health issues through her posts on social media.

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